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Bacon Wrapped Fried Candy Bars!

Bacon Wrapped Fried Candy Bars!

Cooking with Grandpa, brings you: BACON WRAPPED FRIED CANDY BARS!!

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Bacon Wrapped Fried Candy Bars!

Cooking with Grandpa, brings you: BACON WRAPPED FRIED CANDY BARS!!

45 Responses to “Bacon Wrapped Fried Candy Bars!”

  1. Tyler McKnight says:

    looks great!! get an electric stove its healthier´╗┐

    • skillerboi8 says:

      What happens when you get a power get with an electric stove? exactly.

    • Sadok Barbouch says:

      What about propane

    • skillerboi8 says:

      Gas for the win.

  2. SlimShadysBrother says:

    why does pickleboy always turn the camera to his face when he eats thats so
    damn nasty´╗┐

    • Mr_M3rkmusic Boy says:

      +Mr. Prankster he just saying that why does pickleboy eat whit his mouth
      open and making disgusting noise, and sometime pickleboy got a nasty face
      now. No offense.

  3. Pika Alex says:


  4. Qwenter33 says:

    why would anyone fry bacon in oil? the grease that comes from the bacon
    works well enough.´╗┐

    • Joe Montore (RockSteady31) says:

      Obviously…he wasn’t intending on cooking the bacon. He was going to use
      the other pre-cooked bacon but it was too small. If you watch the video,
      and actually pay attention, you can figure things out. ­čÖé

    • Tyrfingr says:

      why would anyone wrap a candy bar in bacon… why would anyone deep fry
      candy bars.. why would anyone combine the two!

      my heart just beat slower looking at it…. damn

  5. Matthew Dellepere says:

    You can actually hear them getting fatter.´╗┐

  6. Elizabeth Evens says:

    Agp the new how to basic ­čśé­čśé­čśé´╗┐

  7. JKFilms says:

    This video is the definition of America´╗┐

  8. Jackie Murria says:

    Turkey bacon is the best all meat no fat´╗┐

    • 02SplinterCell02 says:

      Fat is what makes bacon (and meat in general) so flavorful.

  9. Skylar Lewis says:

    Michael: “I looked up the calorie content, there’s 400 calories in a fried
    Snicker Bar.”
    AGP: “Yeah, probably in each bite.”´╗┐

  10. Algee says:

    was this sponsored by great value everything says great value´╗┐

  11. Alex Nab says:

    grandpa please call me at 2087388662 if I don’t answer call back in

  12. Ruffian Rachiepoo says:

    I would try this but I’m too young to die :[´╗┐

    • Seranok says:


  13. Shaun Robertson says:

    fried candy was invented by us scotts´╗┐

    • therealtomholland I'm Spiderman says:

      Yeah us Scott’s woo hoo for us

    • thomas hampson says:

      +DonzanBGSixx it’s called a little informational fact.. you uptight prick.

    • Shaun Robertson says:

      thanks dude

    • DonzanBGSixx says:

      +Shaun Robertson your medal is on it’s way

    • Shaun Robertson says:

      Fried Mars bars are popular here in Scotland

  14. Peter Griffin says:

    no wonder these people are big´╗┐

    • Neve Alliston says:

      awni Mikhail that’s exactly what I have been trying to tell everyone for
      about a year and no one listens and it really annoys me. Just like my

    • Adam Taylor says:

      +Chris Hargas lets go to the clam with joe and qagmire but do not tell joe
      i peed in his thing wherw he peed

    • awni mikhail says:

      You make me very fucking sick you peice of lard I am sorry pickle boy and
      angry grandpa that liveing monkey insulted your body and your wait dont
      listen to them !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Adam Taylor says:


  15. NoChill Parker says:

    I miss trailer trash grandpa…);´╗┐

  16. darrius brewer says:

    he might have been cooking a pig but he was also feeding a pig lol´╗┐

  17. Firstdustin Lastmcpherson says:

    freeze the candy bar first´╗┐

  18. ChimpGuy says:

    Buy a electric stove m8. No greasy fire! :D´╗┐

    • ChimpGuy says:

      +bobrusable Not the stoves with glass on them.

    • bobrusable says:

      It is a electric stove, dumbass. It has burners on it = Electric

    • King West says:

      Think it is an electric stove tho

    • ChimpGuy says:

      +Neve Alliston Since WHEN does an ELECTRIC STOVE mean ENYTHING about
      HEALTH? An electric stove uses electricity and not gas that could blow up
      your house in the event off a gass leak…

    • Neve Alliston says:

      OMG SHUT UP! Y do ppl always go on about their health and weight, that’s
      their problem also its none of ur bloody business!! THIS GOES OUT TO

  19. Box says:

    You call that bacon ffs!!! There was no meat on half of those rashers it
    was just fat and rind, what we would call “streaky bacon”… I need to send
    you some of our proper bacon then you will know what I’m talking about´╗┐

    • Box says:

      Daaamn ours isn’t that thick unless you go to a butcher but its still much
      better than that stuff they are trying to pass off as bacon… get some
      back bacon ffs!

    • gravedigr12 says:

      I know what yah mean I get bacon right from the ranch about half an inch
      thick what he is eating looks like shaved ham at a grocery store to me XD

    • mcjay669 says:

      Back bacon is the best imo

    • Deez Nuts says: