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This recipe has been modified and is NOT the KFC recipe, it has been modified for legal reasons but the taste will be similar.


8 pieces of chicken wing and drumstick
1 egg
1 cup milk
2 cups flour
2 tsp pepper
3 tps salt
4 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp paprika
vegetable oil for frying


~ Nicko

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  1. Nole_ #SeaLion says:

    who watches these tutorials even though you know you arent actually going
    to make it.

    • Broken Nose says:

      Not yet but I will when I get my first salary!

    • leonard byrne says:


    • player 101 says:

      me lol

    • Ymoux says:

      ME LOL

  2. Nazeaver Ali-Raines says:

    You just earned a subscriber! Please make Chinese food please?

    • XxX_MlgCat_XxX :D says:


  3. nmacog says:

    Too bland – you need herbs in there ….

    • Simon says:

      maybe real human oil

    • nmacog says:

      dried sage, oregano, basil, marjoram, ground allspice, celery salt etc …

    • shadi jordan says:

      u can find all 12 kfs herbs in Google but I think the secret of that taste
      is the special fryer.

  4. The Gaming Cuber says:

    I wonder what a KFC worker thinks of this

  5. Tan Oztan says:

    when you double dip, doesnt the first layer fade away?

  6. Humera Rukhsar says:

    you eat too much

    • Tree Of Isolation says:

      And? Let him eat. I bet you’re a stick that can’t take 2 wings lmfao.

    • Gordon Gaming says:

      I agree

    • Comeonmate says:

      +olskoolnewpaint what is your problem

    • Roseberry sweets says:

      And you are just another idiot.

  7. Lisa Adler says:

    I used to be a head cook at KFC and this isn’t even close this is basically
    the way everyone makes fried chicken. The biggest thing you can do to make
    it more like KFC sifting the flour! Also you need ground up herbs, I use
    Italian seasoning and mustard pepper personally.

    • Star8cheetah says:

      +Suzan VanWilgen Oh I see. I guess that makes sense. I would love to know
      the recipe or something close to it but no one seems to know 😟

    • Suzan VanWilgen says:

      No they don’t they send the Flour mixture to the KFC restaurants,because
      they don’t want the recipes and the ingredients leaked out to the public.

    • Star8cheetah says:

      Did KFC have the ingredients list for the seasoning whilst you worked
      there? Did they have it displayed anywhere?

    • Osama Ilyas says:

      make a video

  8. kainoamh says:

    Debate in the comments: Do y’all make fried chicken with or without corn

    • Anthony Carsella says:

      I use Corn Flakes!!!

    • Edlian Tabac says:

      I did; just season the chicken with plenty of salt and pepper, let it sit
      for couple of minutes, then deep fry it under medium-low heat. Yum!

    • Larry Stylinson says:

      With! Breadcrumbs are life 👌🏽

  9. Alfa Won says:

    Real KFC is cooked in a pressure cooker for 7-8mins

  10. Akisch Boyjonauth says:

    KFC ingredient is secret

  11. Special says:

    OMG KFC IS COPYIN’ Arab chicken ”Didn’t know that”

    • Donut Fuck!ng Subscribe says:


  12. Gaurav Youtube says:

    really nice intro song..😉

  13. John Pham says:

    The chicken would taste better if you put the chicken pieces in brine water
    (salt, sugar, ginger, water ) for an hour or two or overnight.

  14. Sondra Wyrick says:

    O god I want some lol

  15. Ali Jamshed says:

    whow it is very tasty

  16. ToaxnHoldem says:

    Just fried Chicken
    KFC cooks their chicken differently

  17. Tania Venecia Tellez says:

    Mmmm i want it

  18. angelit161 says:

    Anyone actually made this? How’d it turn out?

    • Michal Wubs says:


  19. Susan Holmes says:

    dis ain’t no kfc or close to their taste…..