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HAPPY EASTER!! Grandpa celebrates by frying up some candy from his Easter basket..

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HAPPY EASTER!! Grandpa celebrates by frying up some candy from his Easter basket..

40 Responses to “DEEP FRIED EASTER CANDY!!!”

  1. GrandpasCorner says:


    • gravedigr12 says:

      love you grandpa keep cookin things for youtube its the best when you cook

    • taylor leger says:


    • theherobrine79 iscool says:

      +GrandpasCorner MMMMM Deep fried obesity

    • Rochelle Goyle says:

      +FlyJugg sweet

  2. rosaxroro says:

    Happy Easter! Love watching your videos! Made my day!!

    • Jazz Koolaid says:

      ikr and the adorable background music

    • Mystical Goat says:

      + MVPeter, how’d you like If someone made fun of your name?

    • i want to pound pony until my cuk gets hard then i jizz and cum a lot because AMERICA! thats why says:

      +MVPeter yeah

    • ekul mgan says:

      +MVPeter you fucking sad act

  3. Courvoisiea Harris says:

    It’s funny how the guys and took big bites and Bridgett comes behind with
    the small bite it’s super annoying I guess it’s my OCD.

  4. Jay Jagroep says:

    i hate how bridgette took small bites but we all now that after the video
    she was going nuts with the food

    • new orleans boy 504 says:

      lmao I was thinking the same thing

    • DALA BEAST says:

      +Jay Jagroep because there men? Idk

    • Brody Farcry says:

      hahaha soooo true

    • Geek Talk says:

      + Jay. EXACTLY, she doesn’t want us to see how fat she really is

    • Gon3WildGam3ing says:

      i was literally thinking the exact thing while watching this

  5. Fabian Castorena says:

    Bridget taking small bites in front of the camera..but I bet you she stuffs
    her face when Michael doesn’t film her😑

  6. Hero says:

    Just like when you guys deep fried those candy bars back then! 😀 

    • Dionte Grinstead says:

      +GrandpasCorner happy easter grandpa

    • mbanjanda Katjiuongua says:

      Lol I remember that

    • GrandpasCorner says:

      damn right!! MINUS THE DAMN SMOKE

  7. Lv4u says:

    Pigette trying to take a tinny bite knowing if she wasn’t on camera that
    whole thing would be down her throat already lmao

    • The anger Diaries says:


  8. Joshua Gomez says:

    Come on guys I know it’s unhealthy but it looks appetizing in a way

  9. scooter bros and vlogs says:

    why dose Bridget eat little bits I would put that whole mother fucker in my

    • Alejandra Rodriguez says:


  10. Ariana Grande lover says:

    Lol pause at 4:43 😂 DAT FACE THO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. MusicForAnyMoments says:

    can u do the same thing on this year? (2016)
    like if u wont agp do it again ;)

  12. alyssa vitiritto says:

    cool tradition :)

  13. Dominic Motter says:

    ashtin larold spread the word

  14. Namashee Keiichi Dakota says:

    0:02 what is that?

  15. Judy McDonald says:

    Bridgette Taking small bites but off camera she eats a car

  16. DChristina121 says:

    Want some diarrhea. Here you go

  17. Denica Wiltshire says:

    How do you make the batter?

    • Clorox Bleach says:

      Please don’t make it you look gorgeous you don’t wanna turn out looking
      like these fat pigs

    • CouponingQueen Jenn says:

      Use bisquick pancake batter !!
      They made theirs wayyyy too think !!

    • Dontaye Wade says:

      you can use any kind if batter but its best to use pancake batter

  18. Chris Cledanor says:

    You can see Tina’s son looking at the snacks so Much and Micheal saw him
    looking but still didn’t ask if he want some

  19. Baysy Inthavongxay says:

    All of the deep fried stuff taste good like so so good