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HAPPY EASTER!! Grandpa celebrates by frying up some candy from his Easter basket..


HAPPY EASTER!! Grandpa celebrates by frying up some candy from his Easter basket..

40 Responses to “DEEP FRIED EASTER CANDY!!!”

  1. GrandpasCorner says:


    • gravedigr12 says:

      love you grandpa keep cookin things for youtube its the best when you cook

    • taylor leger says:


    • theherobrine79 iscool says:

      +GrandpasCorner MMMMM Deep fried obesity

    • Rochelle Goyle says:

      +FlyJugg sweet

  2. rosaxroro says:

    Happy Easter! Love watching your videos! Made my day!!

    • Jazz Koolaid says:

      ikr and the adorable background music

    • Mystical Goat says:

      + MVPeter, how’d you like If someone made fun of your name?

    • i want to pound pony until my cuk gets hard then i jizz and cum a lot because AMERICA! thats why says:

      +MVPeter yeah

    • ekul mgan says:

      +MVPeter you fucking sad act

  3. Courvoisiea Harris says:

    It’s funny how the guys and took big bites and Bridgett comes behind with
    the small bite it’s super annoying I guess it’s my OCD.

  4. Jay Jagroep says:

    i hate how bridgette took small bites but we all now that after the video
    she was going nuts with the food

    • new orleans boy 504 says:

      lmao I was thinking the same thing

    • DALA BEAST says:

      +Jay Jagroep because there men? Idk

    • Brody Farcry says:

      hahaha soooo true

    • Geek Talk says:

      + Jay. EXACTLY, she doesn’t want us to see how fat she really is

    • Gon3WildGam3ing says:

      i was literally thinking the exact thing while watching this

  5. Fabian Castorena says:

    Bridget taking small bites in front of the camera..but I bet you she stuffs
    her face when Michael doesn’t film her😑

  6. Hero says:

    Just like when you guys deep fried those candy bars back then! 😀 

    • Dionte Grinstead says:

      +GrandpasCorner happy easter grandpa

    • mbanjanda Katjiuongua says:

      Lol I remember that

    • GrandpasCorner says:

      damn right!! MINUS THE DAMN SMOKE

  7. Lv4u says:

    Pigette trying to take a tinny bite knowing if she wasn’t on camera that
    whole thing would be down her throat already lmao

    • The anger Diaries says:


  8. Joshua Gomez says:

    Come on guys I know it’s unhealthy but it looks appetizing in a way

  9. scooter bros and vlogs says:

    why dose Bridget eat little bits I would put that whole mother fucker in my

    • Alejandra Rodriguez says:


  10. Ariana Grande lover says:

    Lol pause at 4:43 😂 DAT FACE THO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. MusicForAnyMoments says:

    can u do the same thing on this year? (2016)
    like if u wont agp do it again ;)

  12. alyssa vitiritto says:

    cool tradition :)

  13. Dominic Motter says:

    ashtin larold spread the word

  14. Namashee Keiichi Dakota says:

    0:02 what is that?

  15. Judy McDonald says:

    Bridgette Taking small bites but off camera she eats a car

  16. DChristina121 says:

    Want some diarrhea. Here you go

  17. Denica Wiltshire says:

    How do you make the batter?

    • Clorox Bleach says:

      Please don’t make it you look gorgeous you don’t wanna turn out looking
      like these fat pigs

    • CouponingQueen Jenn says:

      Use bisquick pancake batter !!
      They made theirs wayyyy too think !!

    • Dontaye Wade says:

      you can use any kind if batter but its best to use pancake batter

  18. Chris Cledanor says:

    You can see Tina’s son looking at the snacks so Much and Micheal saw him
    looking but still didn’t ask if he want some

  19. Baysy Inthavongxay says:

    All of the deep fried stuff taste good like so so good