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Deep Fried Ice Cream Video Recipe

Deep Fried Ice Cream Video Recipe

So good it should be illegal!! Watch and learn to make deep fried ice cream in your home with Jamie Geller. This recipe will be great for your next Chanukah party, everyone will go wild. Go to to get the full recipe.

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8 Responses to “Deep Fried Ice Cream Video Recipe”

  1. miriam schmelczer says:

    Perfect for chanuka

    • Joy of Kosher says:

      +miriam schmelczer Yes, exactly what we were thinking. Are you ready?

  2. WannaBite says:

    this is is so YUMMY that i wished i had some now.stand up and
    take a BOW,because you have earned A BLUE RIBBON.i enjoyed your video very
    much.thank you so much for sharing this with us today.


    Hi again Jamie…

    This looks absolutely delish…but can you fry more than one at a time…

    Thank you so much for sharing…

    Can hardly wait to get the Chanukah issue of Joy Of Kosher…

    Have a fun evening…


    • KINDERKRAFTS says:

      WOW ~~ thank you soooooooo much…

    • Jamie Geller says:

      +KINDERKRAFTS It is BEYOND delish! But it’s best to fry one at a time —
      but it literally takes 30 seconds so you can prepare a bunch in a matter of

  4. Chloé D'Alesio says:

    Those look amazing!!!

  5. Bev Kirshblum says:

    it looks lovely and i am sure it is delicious, but how can you serve it as
    a desert without frying it before serving. i am having 10 for thanksgiving
    dinner and would love to make this in advance and serve it. is there a way.
    thanx – bev k