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Deep Fried Little Debbie Treats

Deep Fried Little Debbie Treats

Deep Fried Whaaaaat?! Episode 25. For this episode we try Little Debbie treats. We've previously done Hostess, now we find out how they compare!

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Roger Mendez:

In this series we are dedicated to deep frying every food we can find. Do you have a suggestion for an episode? Let us know!

In order we did:
Cosmic Brownie
Honey Bun
Oatmeal Cream Pie
Nutty Bars
Swiss Roll
Chocolate Cupcake

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24 Responses to “Deep Fried Little Debbie Treats”

  1. Mashur Abed says:

    all this is probably really good. But instant diabetes

    • CultMoo says:

      +Mashur Abed for sure

  2. Theepicr RotMG says:

    2:07 what the help was that laugh 😂

    • Theepicr RotMG says:


  3. Gustav Hansson says:

    These men are in desperate need of some 80/10/10 diet

    • Lexi Bear says:

      +CultMoo omg lol you guys are so hilarious.

    • CultMoo says:

      +Gustav Hansson 80 percent beer, 10 percent bacon, 10 percent sausage.
      Already on that diet.

  4. Monkey man 884 says:

    Oh, oh I see. Laughed so hard at that. Almost started to die, not gonna
    lie. (Rhyme intended.)

  5. Lexi Bear says:

    The nutty bars and the swiss rolls were always my favorite as a child.

  6. fbsk says:

    77:34 ON THE microwave..what planet’s time zone is this?

  7. Hippy Chic says:


  8. Oumar Diane Jr says:

    them dudes deep fry everything

    • CultMoo says:

      +Oumar Diane Jr for reals

  9. Ervin Kohnic says:

    Goddamn that guy with long hair is fucking ugly

  10. strocat25 says:

    goood!! ya’ll missed out on the best little debbie product ever made…
    Star Crunch … imagine a crunch bar in cookie form with caramel.. and u
    got a star crunch.

  11. ManOrWomanIDK says:

    subbed for sloth observation

  12. Tuesday says:

    Does anyone know what the two keys mean on LMs necklace?

  13. r2d2socks says:

    Loafy’s elbows intrigue me

  14. Zachary Schnable says:

    congrats to 100k subs cultmoo

  15. Ashley Weill says:

    Star Crunchers were always my childhood favorite

  16. Kadahlia Simon says:


    • Monkey man 884 says:

      I know that this comment was from 7 months ago, but why should I like,
      comment and subscribe to this youtuber. I’m a dude, and I would rather
      watch three idiots deep fry stuff and see how good they say it is. (They’re
      not actually idiots.)

  17. Rezer Smith says:


  18. Vanna Seng says:

    Is it just meh or the microwave say hell