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Deep Fried Onion Rings – Deep Friday ep.3

Deep Fried Onion Rings – Deep Friday ep.3

In this episode we're revisiting an item we tried a while back. Onion! We tried to make a blooming onion the first time, but now we're going with the classic onion ring.

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In this series we will be doing a single serving review of deep fried goodness.

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25 Responses to “Deep Fried Onion Rings – Deep Friday ep.3”

  1. Nicole Love says:

    +CultMoo I wish I can hang out with you guys….lol I really love the

    • Brittney Blanton says:


    • CultMoo says:

      +Nicole Whetstone Thanks!

  2. Robert Loranger says:

    I’m not satisfied need more dfw :(

    • 7th_dimension says:

      +Robert Loranger in about 10 days

  3. Katie Miller says:

    DEEP FRIED HOT PEPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vern Hickner says:

      Or at least homemade poppers.

  4. mumbunguaable says:

    Just needed sriracha ranch?

    • CultMoo says:

      +mumbunguaable hell ya

  5. Bat Manicorn says:

    Deep fry some dominoes! i want to see guerro burn his mouth on a chocolate
    lave cake!

    • Warble Garble says:

      +Bat Manicorn They already have

  6. Becca Sheepcakes says:

    Spicy ranch dipping sauce, what is this magical sounding thing?

  7. K-lee Init says:

    They looked great I’d those yummy looking rings

  8. damion estrada says:

    Dude for once can we get the damn batter recipe?

  9. Isacc Collazo says:

    +Cultmoo why does senor gerruo laugh like that ? 😐😂😶😓 – JR100

  10. JustOneAsbesto says:

    These onion rings remind me of Peter Frampton.

    • GashPlague says:

      +JustOneAsbesto “Ooh, baby I love your rings… er’ry day.”

  11. Fatchur Rozi says:

    Cool Video

  12. Kys says:

    Can someone photoshop those onion rings to dicks when Guerro is eating

  13. Radbert Grimmig says:

    Guys, what is this?! Did you trade in my bowl & whisk for a larger deep
    fryer or what?

    • CultMoo says:

      +Radbert Grimmig It was on sale at costco!

  14. Logan Rutledge says:

    You should do a dfw where you fry the individual components of a salad,
    then put it together and add dressings. 

  15. Jimi Hawk says:

    Damn, i have raging clue now. 8==O