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Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

How to cook Fried Chicken the Panlasang Pinoy way. Visit us at

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Fried Chicken

How to cook Fried Chicken the Panlasang Pinoy way. Visit us at

24 Responses to “Fried Chicken”

  1. Johnny Waldo Joseph says:

    saan po nakaka bili ng itlog

    • Emman pansino says:


  2. Ronie Gomez says:

    Sir chef pwede po breading mix na lang kung walang
    harina same po ba procedure

  3. nelda enano says:

    wow! napakasimple at ang sarap!

  4. ryan jovane yap says:

    sarap.. susubukan ko to on my own. Thanks for this video! Keep it up!

  5. Discoqueen Heavens says:

    What’s with the music? I get that ur Filipino. But I couldn’t hear what ur
    talking about. Nobody even play that kind of Filipino music anymore.. Turn
    it off..

  6. naopinoripi says:

    ANG charap n mn

  7. Loreto Bernabe Jr. says:

    pag po cnbing fresh milk anu po un evap milk po b

  8. LPSMaryG 'The Rebel' says:

    1st Of All This Channel Is For Filipino And 2nd of all stop making fun of
    our language 3rd Of All Why the heck are you guys saying that the fried
    chicken is ugly fried chickens doesn’t even have a fucking look So STFU

  9. Dollar Madria says:

    ask ko lang po anu ung brand ng milk?

  10. Emmalou Sinugbojan says:

    hi,I think frying the chicken with less oil will hard and uncooked in the
    inside. It should be deep fry.

  11. Brinze Bryan Escultor says:

    yung huli mo pung hinalo ay chicken??? di ko po alam un ei..!!please pki

  12. Dominador Dayag says:

    Mmmmmmm sarap gusto ko nang mag luto thnx chef

  13. emerson bungay says:


  14. Mary Diane Tañan says:

    hi po I have question minsan kc yung chicken my dugo pa sa luob..paano ba
    para wlang dugo sa luob?rnx

  15. k moredo says:

    this video is not for those who doesn’t speak tagalog so please shut your
    dirty mouth!!! you’re the one who’s ugly and not the chicken. understand???
    ikaw kaya iprito ko??? 

    • XHeartXBrokenX says:

      +Tanz Baquiran hahahahaha trelelelelelelelelel

    • XHeartXBrokenX says:

      oh di nga ?

    • alla tan says:

      -_- seriously??? didn’t you see the name of the channel??? DIDN’T YOU ???
      wow retarted people now a days ?? miss sana po respetohin nyo yung
      nagluluto kung ayaw mong na GINAGAGO ka ng iba??

      gets mo?

    • XHeartXBrokenX says:

      wow parang ang ganda mo ahhh GinaG@go mo ba ako???

  16. David Dimalanta says:

    For haters and racists, this is why the owner of the video banned
    commenting and disabled the LIKE/DISLIKE video because of criticism and it
    it is applied for every new video.

  17. carlo0910 says:

    ma try nga to mukhang makaka tipid na ako sa fast food chain

  18. Cicropio scarpone says:

    Hey Sandy I know what you like,you want me (love you a long time)me love
    you a long time but his chicken is ugly Ssssssoryyyyyyyyyyy!,,,,,,

  19. Goodboy Weh says:

    haha panget ng chicken d presentable ung itsura