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How to Deep Fry a Candy Bar

How to Deep Fry a Candy Bar

Deep-fried candy bars are crisp on the outside, and filled with liquified chocolate and caramel on the inside. Yeah, we're drooling too. Discover more awesome dessert recipes:

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32 Responses to “How to Deep Fry a Candy Bar”

  1. Charles Darvin Asunza says:

    why is there vinegar?

  2. Asim Ahmed says:

    8 candybars(440 gms)=2,200 calories and 1.8 ltrs of oil that is 15,000


      Yes but your not drinking the oil and not all candy bars have as much

  3. Adam Day Day says:

    Wrong!!! It’s room temperature chocolate bar! It’s more of a melted goo!!
    And you only use a Mars bar

    • SaJmoN17099 says:

      you can use only snickers, and it will be goot too.

    • Adam Day Day says:

      +SaJmoN you can yes, but mars bar is the only thing you need

    • SaJmoN17099 says:

      +Adam Day Day actually you can use whatever you want

  4. Nicole Jenkins says:

    Can you use canola oil instead of vegetable oil

  5. Betty Medina says:

    its even better with funnel batter

  6. DD says:

    “Make sure you place the bars in carefully and dont just drop them in the
    oil and splatter it everywhere ”
    She does the exact she os telling of not to do 

  7. John Davies says:

    Don’t freeze them! They don’t melt properly

  8. Keelan McGinty says:

    I’ll rko that girl if I see her in real life 

    • danny nadim says:

      No. i wanna show u that u are annoying XD

    • Keelan McGinty says:

      you stalking me now? do you love me?

    • danny nadim says:


    • danny nadim says:

      you wrote that wrong

  9. The Boss, Hero, Bro, Super Peep and Belieber 〈S m/ says:

    This is one of the foods that I would only eat once in my life, how fatty
    would that be??! 😱 but looks so good 😩😄

  10. La musica infinita says:

    Healthy food….

  11. The Penguin Master says:

    number 1 way to get diabetus

    • Matthew Rodriguez says:

      +Donatello97 that’s kinda fucked up

    • SamThe RandomG1rl says:

      +Pedro Braga Yeah! If you only have this once in a long while, there is not
      really any danger.

    • Donatello97 says:

      +Pedro Braga
      Everything in moderation as they say. It’s the fatties, who carry around
      all the fat who need to worry the most here. they’re at risk for potential
      heart disease and other issues all together. 😛

    • Pedro Braga says:

      every once in a while as a treat is no big deal. ENJOY LIFE!

    • Jade pierce says:

      lol ikr

  12. MaryBeaty💋 says:

    It seems yummy I guess, but after eating 7 you can probably gain about 10
    pounds… No offense… Just saying, good for a special occasion😀

  13. Dany Rockwell says:

    Hey Elizabeth! Nice vid but I hope you have a fryer now! It’s safer 😉 Take
    care and thank you again. 

  14. HauteInfinity says:


    • taramackie says:

      +iooi That is EXACTLY what I was going to ask!

    • iooi says:

      The question should be. Do we really need VINEGAR added to the batter?

  15. Fatema Begum says:

    This could be a good idea to make if you are simply curious but I do not
    recommend u have these often! A snicker bar is like 200 calories by itself
    so imagine how fattening it would be after coated in a batter which
    includes (icing) sugar and then is DEEP FRIED! 

  16. bonkerzmhann says:

    The title should be: How to get a heart attack

  17. MemeMaster32 says:

    Now this is what I call diabetus!