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This was made with Larry the Cable guy SPICY chicken batter but you can use any other kind of batter.

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Good news ya'll ! I now have my very own website and it is . This Youtube video was made 3 years ago so the Larry The Cable Guy chicken batter mix is no longer available in stores. I now use a new brand of chicken batter mix and you can also purchase it on my website ! Please click here for a printable recipe


This was made with Larry the Cable guy SPICY chicken batter but you can use any other kind of batter.

25 Responses to “How to make FRIED CHICKEN GIZZARDS recipe”

  1. emily p says:

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  2. shavoris29able says:

    I have never know that Popeye’s sell chicken gizzards.

  3. Luke Pate says:

    A blessed video and a blessed family,thank you so much.Wll try soon,have
    Larry in the pantry.We are in Texas.Subed and scribbed,God bless. :)

  4. M Brantley says:

    Great job y’all.. It was very first time making them

    • emily p says:

      So awesome! Thanks so much for leaving a comment! Have a great day ! 🙂

  5. Omen says:

    I like the way you cook with your kids. That is so cool. Not only are you
    teaching them valuable life skills but just the time you spend together
    will create memories that will pop back into their minds for years to come.
    Good job.

  6. MrsGoldenRose says:

    You should clean the gizzards, take off all the yellow looking rubbery
    layer…if u don’t it can taste bitter n chewy

  7. William Martin says:

    Dang! I had to get mine at Dollar Tree…

  8. CyborgNinja7 says:

    Your kids are adorable! My hubbie just picked out some chicken gizzards at
    the store cos they were only a dollar and he wants me to cook them. I think
    I had some fried gizzards like this down south, and they were good, but
    then I had some horrible fried chicken livers from Walmart recently. They
    were tough and minerally. Thanks for showing me how to make these so I can
    try it out!

  9. musicaman68 says:

    Taste like chicken.

  10. john pshitek says:

    larry the cable guy has a chicken batter???

    • Sara S says:

      +john pshitek If he has a chicken batter can I have a chicken batter?

  11. Jeremiah Williams says:

    these are so good

  12. 229Grind says:

    I’m going to try this next time

  13. pstuddy says:

    i’m eating safeway chicken gizzards with tobasco sauce as a dip and steamed
    rice. IT’S GOING DOWN!!!

  14. 6771Randy says:

    You have some amazing helpers mom!
    I love chicken gizzards but we just bread and cook them like fried chicken.

  15. dennis braxton says:

    I made them the way she did and me my daughter and

    I followed her instructions and they turned out delicious.thanks for
    posting.My wife,and Daughter loved them especially when I cooked them three
    weeks ago my way they was awful.Thank you so much Emily

  16. john pshitek says:

    i would leave the gizzards to fry without stirring, you just scrape the
    larry the cable guy batter off of them. t

  17. Joenequa Vaughn says:

    I think you did a really good job… You cooked them exactly how I cook
    them except I just use self rising flour but the next time I make them I’m
    going to try the chicken fry batter, looks delicious … Popeye’s probably
    boils theirs also because theirs are good and tender. 

    • Joenequa Vaughn says:

      Thank you… I despise negativity

    • P Htwr (cbnboy34) says:

      its soo cool to see positive comments…some folks act as if everybody is
      supposed to conform to their way…Good post!

  18. Hula Girl says:

    I love all your recipes, Thank you for sharing.

  19. shungangrockstar says:

    crap, I did not boil them, is that okay????

  20. Price Black says:

    They’re also good in like a chicken rice casserole. Just boil them until
    they are very very tender, mix in some rice and condensed soup like
    mushroom or chicken. Add any other veggies that your kids like and bake. Of
    course with kids involved don’t forget to top with cheese.

    • emily p says:

      Wow! That sounds gooooood ! Might be a future youtube video ! Thanks so
      much for sharing ! 🙂