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Kaki Fry (Deep-Fried Oysters) Recipe カキフライ 作り方レシピ

Kaki Fry (Deep-Fried Oysters) Recipe カキフライ 作り方レシピ

Ingredients for Kaki Fry (serves 1)
5 Large Oysters

– Batter –
½ Egg
2 tbsp Flour
A sprinkle of Water (approx. 1 tbsp)

Soft Bread Crumbs (approx. 300ml or 1¼ cups)
Vegetable Oil: 180 °C, 2cm deep / 360 °F, 1 inch deep

Lemon Wedge
Shredded Cabbage Leaves
Parsley Leaves

Tartar Sauce (please watch our video on how to make ebi fry.)


揚げ油:180℃ 深さ2cm



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26 Responses to “Kaki Fry (Deep-Fried Oysters) Recipe カキフライ 作り方レシピ”

  1. Minky Boo says:

    0:59 I thought the oysters were screaming o.o

  2. Le Ricette dell'Amore Vero says:

    I love this channel!

  3. Agung teguh says:

    Aji furai kudasai

  4. Rass Gless says:


  5. Hailey Brown says:

    those oysters are huuuuuuge. japanese ingredients are such high quality.

  6. 畳山親父の助 says:


  7. yumna fazal says:

    i love this channel so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. EW says:

    Francis did a little bow!!! 😀 so cute!

  9. Timmy Burgess says:

    It makes me so hungry when she put it in her mouth… ugh i’m hungry now!
    Love your show ty for posting it and making us hungry people hungry in the
    middle of the night! 

    • Sayomi Benehime says:

      Lil ikr

    • The Gypsy Kitchen says:

      Me too!

  10. Arkcore-Nightcore Every Weekend! says:

    kaki is foot in malay :)

    • dragonrage122 says:

      +Arkcore-Nightcore Every Weekend! they kinda look foot-shaped if you ever
      look at an oyster :3

    • vaiyt says:

      +Rebellions Official mmmmmmmmm

    • Rebellions Official says:

      Fried foot. XD

  11. MusicforMe123 says:

    Looks delicious, thanks for posting.

  12. The Gypsy Kitchen says:

    So good!

  13. ponchan2008 says:


  14. Linh Nguyen says:

    can we use frozen oyster?

    • Thuy Dang says:

      Why wouldn’t you be able to? It’s still an oyster isn’t it?

    • Skye Blackwood says:

      I’m pretty sure you can but its just better with fresh oysters

  15. win way says:

    Quick tip:Keep calm and bak on!

  16. NamineKairiXIII says:

    Omgosh is that chocolates next!?! Those oysters look really delicious!

  17. Naoko Konishi says:


  18. Hey Thur says:

    Dat chef.

  19. J-UAN M says:

    so delicious¡¡
    I have to make this recipe ¡¡