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Kanak shows you how to make crispy deep fried ice cream. This is an outstanding dessert for dinner parties as well as casual lunches.

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30 Responses to “DEEP FRIED ICE CREAM – Summer Recipe”

  1. Aman Nagi says:

    great dish.

    • ReadySteadyEat says:

      It a Must Try dish.
      remember to subscribe to the channel!

  2. Spackle Co says:

    Thank you for sharing you version of this dish! To everone else posting on
    here: It really doesn’t matter what her ethnicity is or where the recipe
    originated! Just make it or don’t. Quit telling people what could or
    couldn’t have been passed down through their families as part of their
    backgrounds couldn’t be “their” dish! You don’t know what her background is
    or weather she has multiple branches on her tree so stop judging!!

  3. BloozeDaddy says:

    parchment paper will keep those ice cream balls from sticking to the plate

  4. Aswathy S says:

    nice fried icecream

  5. Shardul Kanase says:




  6. ROHIT SINGH says:

    Thanks, it’s really good.

  7. MissZessy X says:

    Thats not mexican!!

    • Zayn Khan says:

      +alvin delosreyes indians are asians you twat do you even know where india

    • alvin delosreyes says:

      are you sure your mexican

    • Natasha Ramírez says:

      +Jason Walkiden i’m mexican and i’m sure af that’s asian, or at least that
      is not mexican

    • Jason Walkiden says:

      +MissZessy X Yes it is!

  8. c c says:

    so so so yummy

    • ReadySteadyEat says:

      Hey char,
      do subscribe to the channel for more such lovely recipes

  9. Ms. Tia says:

    The only question is why!!

  10. Chaitrali Inamdar says:

    Hello Kannak its very nice video but pls can you tell the receipee I Hindi
    language so every one can understand your tips.

  11. Jaw Duha says:

    is she Mexican or Indian ?

    • bhoomika bodani says:

      She’s an Indian

  12. Fraxt33 says:

    It is delicious!!!!!

  13. jesse says:

    gonna try this today

  14. Nathanael Racho says:

    It is amazing!

  15. malachite moondance says:


  16. Mahudoom Md (MM9901) says:

    good…. :)

  17. Sweta Purwar says:

    They are really very yummy 👍👌😊

  18. nisam rasack says:


  19. Sridevi Vankayala says:

    I’m eager to know.. it worked for anybody? I’m worried oil might be wasted

  20. Ylenia Marie says:

    Did she just say this was her favourite Mexican recipe at the end of the
    video 😂😂

    • Emily Wishart says:

      +Ylenia Marie hmm, yeah. I’ve heard both :p

    • Ylenia Marie says:

      It’s originally an Asian dish.

    • Emily Wishart says:

      What’s wrong with that??