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The Best:Southern Fried Chicken Recipe

The Best:Southern Fried Chicken Recipe
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DW's Recipe for"Southern Fried Chicken".How to Fry Chicken in a Pressure Cooker KFC. Mashed Potatoes,Gravy,Allens Baked Beans,& Buttermilk Biscuits. This Recipe Works Really Well Fried in a Cast Iron Skillet Too! Thank You JB for having the World Wide Cooking Contest Video Link To JB's Channel.
Southern Cooking!

33 Responses to “The Best:Southern Fried Chicken Recipe”

  1. Gmork says:

    Well done sir! ´╗┐

  2. DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

    Thanks, five lbs. of yummy goodness for sure!

  3. Luke Pate says:

    Merry Christmas 2015 Daryl !!!!! Man no more ham,Monday fried chicken !!!!
    WHOOH !!!! Hey,i just bought one of those KFC recipe book off Ebay that was
    signed by the COL. on 4/8/1962 at Fords Restaurant in Girard,P.A.Paid about
    $50 bucks but im just adding it to my huge collection.I now have 2 of the
    pressure cookers they used in the restaurants back in the late 50s.God
    bless brother from Texas. :)´╗┐

    • DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

      +Luke Pate I heard the sad news about the tornados in Texas, We are getting
      a lot of rain and winds from that storm.Ill pm you.

    • DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

      +Luke Pate Hello Luke! Hope You and your Family had a Merry Christmas
      too!That’s cool you got The Colonels Recipe booklet, nice collection you
      got there!I here you I don’t want no more ham or turkey for awhile I got a
      14lb brisket I’m smoking this coming weekend Central Texas Style just salt
      n pepper!Them commercial pressure cookers sound cool. Let me know how the
      fried chicken turns out. Take Care Down There!

  4. TheBukester says:

    Nicely done. I want to buy an pressure cooker almost exclusively for
    cooking fried chicken and you did a good job of showing that for me.´╗┐

    • DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

      +TheBukester Thank you and your welcome. Try to get on that’s more
      expensive that would work better for frying than the cheaper ones, and
      that is made for frying too. The cheaper one I got is hard to clean
      especially the vent.

  5. Greg Charchuk says:

    When you had everything plated up, the screen on my PC went nuts!! Then I
    realized that I had my nose up against the touchscreen!! Thanks Daryl !
    (and no….I couldn’t smell it!!)´╗┐

    • DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

      +Greg Charchuk Ha,Ha.Ha! You had me going there Greg, glad I don’t have a
      touchscreen. Sorry you couldn’t smell it but it smelled just like some good
      ole downhome fried Chicken! and your welcome, thanks again for stopping
      back by, take care my friend!

  6. MackNifisent says:

    That looks good. I think I’ll use this recipe this weekend.´╗┐

    • DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

      +MackNifisent Sorry to miss your comment, thank you, I hope you tried it,
      thanks for stopping by I do appreciate it!

  7. socialitebite says:

    What recipes are in that book? I would love to see them!´╗┐

  8. vicky armendariz says:

    Oh my gosh they look absolutely rico .I love fried chicken and yours is

  9. ammh36 says:

    “real good” “real good ”
    haha! it looks delicious´╗┐

  10. Mickey Cashen says:

    Great recipe, DW! As a teenager, I used to make Colonel Sander’s Chicken
    before there were KFC stores in the late 60’s in Maryland – the old
    “Gino’s” fast-food restaurants had the KFC franchise in the state.
    I don’t know if it makes much difference -we made 18 pieces at a time, but
    immediately after we put the breaded chicken in the 350F oil, we lightly
    stirred the pieces with a long fork to keep the breading on different
    pieces from sticking together.
    We then put the lid on the pot and its 15 lb pressure cap and turned the
    gas flame up full-blast. When the pressure cap began to whistle, we turned
    the flame down half-way for, I think, 9 minutes and it was done. I remember
    that when we had customers waiting for chicken, we’d cheat, leave the flame
    at full blast and set the timer for 7 minutes.´╗┐

    • DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

      +Mickey Cashen Thank you Mickey! Sounds like you got The Colonel’s
      experience first hand. I’ve just used the pressure cooker method a couple
      times, I would like to have a real commercial fryer pressure cooker for
      frying chicken, I just pan fry it in a cast iron skillet now days. I think
      now Colonel Sanders is turning over in his grave KFC is not to my liking I
      can get better at my local grocery store, or just do it myself.Thank’s
      Mickey for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I do appreciate it,
      and enjoyed reading it, take care, stop back by soon!

  11. vanscoyoc says:

    I don’t think it’s safe to pressure fry without a pressure cooker designed
    for it. These home cookers are supposed to steam the food and oil won’t
    steam. The instruction for my Fagor Elite 10qt specifically warns against
    pressure frying because the oil can cause the seal to fail. ´╗┐

  12. John Newton says:

    Daryl, I just want you to know that I am really enjoying your
    menus/ingredients and shows. Inspiring my brother. All the best from
    Ridgecrest Ca´╗┐

    • DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

      +John Newton Thank you John, I appreciate you stopping by and commenting,
      glad you like it, take care!

  13. Bubbas Grub says:

    damn fine lookin’ fried chicken there buddy´╗┐

    • DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

      Thank you Bubba! I may have to fried me up some more for sure, thanks for
      stopping by and commenting! See you soon, here on the tube!

  14. LAna St.ColumB says:

    Is that dangerous to deep fry in a pressure cooker? I want one but
    terrified of them.What make is that pressure cooker?´╗┐

    • DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

      Not to be afraid of them,there is a coupe of safety features built it to
      keep them for being a bomb. they should be some you-tube videos just on
      this subject and google it too.

  15. bullsnutsoz says:

    Looks fabulous chicken; and you are a great fella to boot.´╗┐

  16. Pearly Q says:

    Can’t wait to make and eat this! Looks amazing and I really enjoyed
    learning from you! You’re a great teacher and a sweetheart all rolled into
    one! Thanks kindly!´╗┐

  17. tony cox says:

    all you need is a cold beer, good show.´╗┐

  18. Scott says:

    How could get dislikes? Looks masarap!!!!´╗┐

  19. lemoncrinckles says:

    Love fried chicken and that looks juicy and delicious. Thanks, DW. (:´╗┐

    • DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

      +lemoncrinckles I love fried chicken too! Thank you, thanks again for
      stopping back by, I do appreciate it!