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Deep Fried Pretzel Pizza – Deep Friday

Deep Fried Pretzel Pizza – Deep Friday

In this episode we're going back to Little Caesars pizza. This time, pretzel crust pizza! Some don't dig that cheese sauce, but we sure do!

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In this series we will be doing a single serving review of deep fried goodness.

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38 Responses to “Deep Fried Pretzel Pizza – Deep Friday”

  1. Robby Autry says:

    I want more deep Friday’s!!! Do it!!!!

    • Tiff M-L says:

      +CultMoo Aorta Schmaorta. That’s why we have bypasses! HA! Good for you for
      attempting to be healthy, as we all just basically attempt to do. But Fried
      things = best things. More Please.

    • CultMoo says:

      +Robby Autry it hurts our aortas

  2. Marc Mcc says:

    How stoned were you guys?

  3. AsianGuy says:

    This video is so nostalgic, It reminds me of that Hentai video I watched.

  4. Kinsbaile says:

    That pizza is good but I don’t really understand why they put even more
    salt on it I feel that ruins the pizza

    • Zero says:

      +SuperSparrow45 It may be a bad thing for some people, but for others it’s
      a good thing. As for the tomato thing that’s personal opinion.

    • SuperSparrow45 says:

      +Kinsbaile I don’t mind the pretzel or the salt, but why do they use CHEESE
      SAUCE!? It has cheese on it already, and it’s severely lacking tomato sauce.

    • Whoozerdaddy says:

      +Kinsbaile Then I retract my denunciation of heresy.

  5. spawn1324 says:

    I miss this pizza 🙁 they need to bring it back!

  6. JustOneAsbesto says:

    Aah, the great ontological conundrum of our era: did they pretzel a pizza,
    or pizza a pretzel?

    • JustOneAsbesto says:

      +Steve hammond
      It’s a sad truth of the universe that too few people will ever understand
      that comment for it to be really appreciated.

    • Steve hammond says:

      pizza from causation cheese is the first causal factor here

  7. HellthyJunkFood says:

    Here’s to show again, that you can fry basically anything, and it will be
    absolutely fabulous.

  8. ibrahim hassanien says:

    i guess were not friends than i hate the pretzel pizza its so salty

  9. Julian Alvarez says:

    y’all should start doing deep deep fried Saturdays to where you deep fry
    the batter and deep fry once again

  10. Minder says:

    i love loafy he always reminds me of a calmer version of trevor phillips

  11. Daniel Ryan says:

    Try some deep fried game meats like buffalo, venison, rabbit, or wild boar

  12. TartanFerret says:

    Deep fried pizza (pizza crunch) is on most chip shop menus here in the
    UK… however, I want pretzel pizza!

  13. wildbilltexas says:

    Nice! My favorite from Little C’s is the 3 Meat Treat, but I’ll have to try
    Pretzel Pizza next time!

  14. Wyatt Bowler says:

    Sushi sausage

  15. Nikki Martinez says:

    What about deep fried Peter piper pizza? Pizza Hut??

  16. BlueDrafter13 says:

    one of the best tasting gimmicks little caesars has came up with

  17. Ryan Toth says:

    First comment!

  18. Life of a Mexican! says:

    Is güero drunk? XD