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Chinese fried chicken RECIPE 盐酥鸡

Chinese fried chicken RECIPE 盐酥鸡
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Hi everyone, this time I will share you a fried chicken recipe.
Check it out and try it at home right now!
You will love it!

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38 Responses to “Chinese fried chicken RECIPE 盐酥鸡”

  1. phenix974 says:

    Ça semble très bon ! Tu peux donner les consignes en français aussi stp ?

  2. Stacy Mitchell says:

    Can this be oven baked

  3. Let's Talk Animu says:

    look amazing id be sure to try it

  4. Shaun Price says:

    Nice job

  5. mulaticap says:

    I really loved the way u cook but mostly the way u talk, u seems to be a
    fantastic person with a fantastic recepie!!

  6. kittylicker013 says:

    That was adorable!

  7. mainenwo says:

    +LaCuisine Zeng nice video but these don’t look like the golden crispy
    fried chicken wings i get at the chinese Restaurants

    • LaCuisine Zeng says:

      +mainenwo Thanks for the comments. This is totaly a home-made recipe. The
      color depends on the temperature of the oil. Anyway, it is really tasty!

  8. Luciouz Cristy says:

    What oil did you use to fry? I can’t wait to try it with breast and wings

  9. kevmarkpat says:

    i followed your recipe exactly and . . . well it was . . . . .DELICIOUS
    !!!! Will cook again my friends were impressed Thank You

  10. Eric Joseph says:

    this girl is very funny

  11. Justine Brown says:

    do you have to debone it?

    • LaCuisine Zeng says:

      +Justine Brown As you wish. I like it with bones, more flavor.

    • Justine Brown says:


    • Abby94 says:

      +LaCuisine Zeng sorry to bother you but can you put the ingredients you
      used down here in the comment section, because some of the ingredients you
      used I have never heard of them.

  12. danny ng says:

    Nice video.Sexy voice though..Thanks much.

  13. smellmyfinga says:

    What is the syrup? Maple?

  14. Jocelyn Ra says:

    Thank you looks great ?. I was going to go to the chinese restaurant but
    due to the blizzard I’m not so instead I’ll make it myself lol ?? .
    Thanks Love your accent too btw.

  15. Alex Cheong says:

    Go back to China

  16. Emanuel Velez says:

    Wow that looks good:)

  17. Jaya Singh says:

    in India we make it in a similar way we don’t add soya sauce & sugar, we
    use more garlic & ginger & make it very spicy.
    but I have tried this also it taste yummy

  18. Jaya Singh says:

    & we add lemon.
    ur voice is very soothing & u R very funny.

  19. Wesly Morales Rojas says:

    delicious recipe your brutal talk

  20. DoubleEdgedSword3 says:

    can I get your number? ?