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Crispy Garlic PORK BELLY — Ulam Pinoy #31【HD】

Crispy Garlic PORK BELLY — Ulam Pinoy #31【HD】
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Crispy, golden and garlicky pork belly
1 kg pork belly (cut into thick strips)
1 head of garlic (cruched, peeled and chooped)
1/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup water
salt and black pepper to taste

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15 Responses to “Crispy Garlic PORK BELLY — Ulam Pinoy #31【HD】”

  1. Java Mac says:

    Where did you get the pan and the side strainer?

  2. Ulam Pinoy says:

    New VIDEO recipe — Crispy *GARLIC PORK BELLY* —
    Watch and cook-along!

  3. UglyMaleee says:


  4. lizzinspiredVlogs says:

    Sira diet ko!!!

  5. JensVitality says:

    Very professional this video is! And you got some cool pots and pans!

  6. ROB P says:

    Down thumb was a Muslim . Lol.

  7. absolutblue says:

    ohmygod let me have these now pleaseeee sawsaw suka

  8. mich heart says:

    nice,good job,.

  9. davs pau says:

    Perfectly crispy and the garlic is so nice 🙂 

  10. ceecee botor says:

    My grandmother cook this also but without vinegar. I’ll definitely try this
    recipe. Thanks for sharing this. 

  11. Philippine Cuisine says:

    A delicious all year round pinoy dish! 🙂 thanks for this 

  12. Janith Acang says:

    Wow..its nice to see this video
    I want to try this now!!!
    Its simply to see
    I dont know if i can do this….
    But i will try my best.