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How to Cook Easy Fish Fry (చేపల వేపుడు) मीन फ्राई .:: by Attamma TV .::

How to Cook Easy Fish Fry (చేపల వేపుడు) मीन फ्राई  .:: by Attamma TV .::
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This Fish Fry Recipe is Easy & Famous Recipe in Andhra Pradesh and today I am Going to Reveal the Secret How to Prepare same in a easiest Method to make in your Home

After watching this video you can directly do it in your home with the easily available ingredients

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24 Responses to “How to Cook Easy Fish Fry (చేపల వేపుడు) मीन फ्राई .:: by Attamma TV .::”

  1. Dungar singh chundawat says:

    Fine art of cooking

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  3. sadullah basha says:

    Greeting to you all ! here i would like to share you recipe which is “fish
    fry” very tasty as well as healthy.I hope you all enjoy and try this. (

  4. Sushmita Sonia says:

    very nice and clearly you explain, that’s nice way of narrating
    sister.thank you so much I try almost all your recipes,they taste very

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  6. Divyah Paga says:

    vepe tappudu lid pettukovala?

  7. ramanathan krish says:

    சூப்பர் வருவல் நன்றி

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  9. Mallineni Manoj says:

    nice one…. Thanks….

  10. rock star m says:

    noru uripotundi ikkada

  11. Narashimha Narshimha says:

    nice amma

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  13. sabitha Raju says:

    it’s soo helpful thank u so much

  14. Bindu Nisarga says:

    Thanks very easy to make

  15. Visalini 123 says:

    thank you

  16. chamarthi sushmitha says:

    hi attamma TV, nenu mee vantalu chusi chala nerchukunanu..alage fish egg
    ala cheyalo nerchukovali..can you please place the vedio of fish egg.

  17. BBS Preschool says:

    Fish Bariyan

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  19. Mani supar anty supar says:

    chala chala bagundi

  20. durgaprasad gubbala says:

    attama super