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Menchi-katsu (Deep-Fried Breaded Ground Meat) Recipe メンチカツ 作り方レシピ

Menchi-katsu (Deep-Fried Breaded Ground Meat) Recipe メンチカツ 作り方レシピ
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Ingredients for Menchi-katsu (serves 2)
100g Thin Beef Slices (3.5 oz)
60g Thin Pork Slices (2.1 oz)

100g Onion (3.5 oz)
½ Beaten Egg
3 tbsp Nama-Panko – Soft Bread Crumbs
¼ tsp Salt
½ tbsp Tomato Ketchup
1 tsp Japanese Worcestershire Sauce

100ml Cake Flour or substitute all purpose flour (3.5 fl oz)
½ Beaten Egg
600ml Soft Bread Crumbs (2.5 cups)

Vegetable Oil: 170°C, 1.5cm deep / 340°F, 0.6 inch deep

– Menchi-katsu Sauce –
1 tbsp Tonkatsu Sauce
1 tbsp Japanese Worcestershire Sauce
1 tbsp Tomato Ketchup
1 tbsp Hot Water

– Side Vegetables –
Shredded Cabbage Leaves
Baby Salad Greens
A Thin Tomato Wedge







付け合わせ野菜:キャベツ、ベビーリーフ、トマト薄切り .

35 Responses to “Menchi-katsu (Deep-Fried Breaded Ground Meat) Recipe メンチカツ 作り方レシピ”

  1. HaHaHappyXD says:

    Did the video say cake flour? I hear it when the meat was coating with

  2. IAE Inferno says:

    When you want to eat it but you are too lazy to make it.


  3. Kathryn Mattison-Gomez says:

    The winner of the 2015 Burger Bash at the SOBE Wine & Food Festival in
    Miami, was Chef Morimoto’s Menchi-katsu burger. I have NEVER tasted a
    burger as delicious as that in my life!!!!

  4. 高橋淳子 says:



    作ってみます♪。( ̄∇ ̄*)ゞ。

  5. Audrey Azarine says:

    I love how sometimes this show randomly shows variety of cool tools like
    that automatic pepper grinder. And the way she cooks! It’s just super neat
    and calm and smooth, total opposite of how I would ever cook lol. Love this
    channel so much.

  6. BubbiePop says:

    I want to eat this !!!!

  7. Joseph Charles says:

    I think the only one who enjoys watching Chef more than us is Francis. ;-)

  8. Hazel Val says:

    Is there any other sauce alternative to replace Japanese Worchestershire

  9. Lucas Van says:

    so cool.!!!

  10. Natsumi Raimon says:

    Excuse me, what is the song’s name at 1:00 ?

  11. Cpasbien ça says:

    Nice done !

  12. Red King says:

    I had to substitute cake mix with pancake mix, I also added cheese in the
    middle. It came out great! Thanks for the recipe!

    • adelaamarante says:

      It’s not cake mix, hun, it’s cake flour. Just plain ol’ white flour with a
      different protein percentage than say, bread flour (which is also just
      white flour).

      I can’t believe pancake mix worked. Sounds interesting!

  13. AvailableNameForMe says:


  14. Connie Kim says:

    You guys….
    It’s Cooking Mama!! I played a recipe like this…

  15. thesketchyfreak says:

    I love Chef. She is like a grandmother who never runs out of of food and
    takes great care of you :)

  16. Zoom2point0 says:

    Why am I even torturing myself like this at 3am with no ingredients on my
    fridge.. T___T

    • shiawasekappukekiful says:

      Because humans are known to do whatever gives them even the slightest
      feeling of happiness to sway them from the reality if their ultimate
      demise, you could always buy ingredients later

  17. Miss Amanda's world says:

    I don’t eat pork. Is it ok to use already ground beef?

  18. nightfall8705 says:

    I’d love to see Chef go against Morimoto for the Japanese Iron Chef title.
    I think she could beat him! She makes things look so easy and delicious! It
    really is a joy to watch her and Francis in the kitchen. :)

  19. shrikechan nahcekirhs says:

    It’s a lot like meatloaf, but breaded and fried.

  20. PandaManiacLP says:

    Hello chef,
    is it possible to freeze the menchi-katsu at 3:43 for later use?