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Thai Fried Chicken – Gai Tod (ไก่ทอด)

Thai Fried Chicken – Gai Tod (ไก่ทอด)
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Thai Fried Chicken – Gai Tod (ไก่ทอด)

It's a famous fried chicken recipe that many people are well know and used to try it before. Softly chicken marinated with spices and fried unit golden and crispy, sprinkle with fried shallot. It's so delicious with sweet chili sauce and hot sticky rice.

12 Responses to “Thai Fried Chicken – Gai Tod (ไก่ทอด)”

  1. Fe feys says:

    what can I use beside coriander roots? it’s not available here :(

    • says:

      If you don’t need aroma and flavor from coriander roots, just pass it. It
      is quite hard to find fresh coriander in some countries. Some Asian grocery
      store will have ground coriander root, you can use it as well.

    • Fe feys says:

      thank you for the reply and tips 🙂

    • christopher ko says:

      +WhatRecy gtsyy yb??’@yy!y

    • Rani Panchit says:

      +Fe feys Lemon Grass .

    • Little Dikkins says:

      +Fe feys Use the stems, even the big Asian Markets here in Fresno almost
      never have coriander with the root still on.

  2. Natasha Farlow says:

    Can you recommend an alternative for palm oil?

    • Nach says:

      my opinion canora oil – better taste and more healthy

    • Chubby Luna says:

      +Natasha Farlow The best and healthiest cooking oil for deep frying is
      coconut oil. Stay away from other vegetable oils specially canola oil. Its
      harmful to your health when heated at high temperatures. Besides, canola is
      not natural. It was derived from the rapeseed which is poisonous.

  3. judyvang2009 says:

    What is cooking sauce? And the brand? By any chance is it seasoning soy

  4. Niwast Brekness says:

    Look great myself E sastra wiardjo
    Thank you ?????