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ALIEN SHRIMP Thailand Street Food

ALIEN SHRIMP Thailand Street Food
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Watch live Stomatopods being prepared and eaten in Thailand, one female with eggs and one male.

Called "sea locusts" by ancient Assyrians, "prawn killers" in Australia and now sometimes referred to as "thumb splitters" – because of the animal's ability to inflict painful gashes if handled incautiously – mantis shrimps sport powerful claws that are used to attack and kill prey by spearing, stunning, or dismembering. In captivity, some larger species can break through aquarium glass with a single strike.

ALIEN SHRIMP Thailand Street Food

Watch live Stomatopods being prepared and eaten in Thailand, one female with eggs and one male.

Called "sea locusts" by ancient Assyrians, "prawn killers" in Australia and now sometimes referred to as "thumb splitters" – because of the animal's ability to inflict painful gashes if handled incautiously – mantis shrimps sport powerful claws that are used to attack and kill prey by spearing, stunning, or dismembering. In captivity, some larger species can break through aquarium glass with a single strike.

98 Responses to “ALIEN SHRIMP Thailand Street Food”

  1. Goro Majima says:

    When vegans ask a question: why would someone eat a sea cockroach!!? Answer: so I can Bangkok all night!!!

    • Ryan Plethra says:

      Why are you offended? I’m not offended by people who use viagra or any aphrodisiac that works, you just couldn’t convince my for one second that shrimp give you a boner. Don’t get me wrong, I eat shrimp all the time, but with your logic I would be selling you American beef and pork hot dogs for 5$ a dog wouldn’t I?

    • Mumzly04 says:

      Why would I eat this? Because it’s delicious.

    • Hayden Downey says:

      …are u an idiot?

    • Not Copyrighted The Turtle says:

      Then I would ask:Why are you eating grass?

    • A Fox says:

      +double Nickl “I hate someone because they dont eat what i eat”
      damn you surely must be a friendly person

  2. ImABot says:

    mantis shrimp?

  3. Ashii Minhyuk says:

    Arent those mantis shrimps?? ?

  4. Arie Lendra Putra says:

    mantis shrimp’s meat is too soft.. and even that big, the meat is not much…

  5. Bangbangboom51 says:

    Did they use a used motor oil to fry the Mantis Shrimp? The Crude oil used for frying is more scary than the mantis shrimp.

    • Arunsri Kaewvichain says:

      Corded Hornet: exactly, usually if anyone find out about their reuse oil you can end up become a headline in tomorrow’s newspaper these thing are very sensitive since thai people are adapt to a “healthy eating” trend for sometime ,by the way i can confirm that these street food are even more trustworthy than mcdonald’s

    • The horizon light says:

      Bangbangboom51 If you think this bad I think you have to understand what is street food first then comment. What do you want from street food? Clean? If you want quality of food you have to go restaurant not here

    • Bangbangboom51 says:

      The horizon light If you think street food have to be dirty and cooked in a disgusting manner think about street foods in Taiwan, America, South Korea, Japan, Europe first then comment. You obviously haven’t gone out from your 3rd world rubbish filled country that’s why you connotes street food equals dirty/unhygienic/cancerous/stinky/rotten food. This Fresh Seafood could have been easily cooked in a Fresh or at least lightly used frying oil and They don’t sell them dirt cheap either to justify the use of a month old cooking oil. Get lost you uncivilized savage.

    • The horizon light says:

      Bangbangboom51 How do you know it clean if you never see when they cook it? You went all countries before? If you cant accept then dont eat! And no need to reply me.

    • Bangbangboom51 says:

      The horizon light, yo dummy! we’re on the topic of street foods here and not restaurants. Street foods usually mean you can see it right in front of you when they cook it. And yes, I’ve been to 4 out of the 5 countries I mentioned and tried a lot of their street foods. They cook food in a sanitize way and uses fresh oil if fried. Now go back eating black burned oil. And no need to reply me.

  6. feedmeee says:

    The oil looks absolutely filthy and vile.

    • guy tremblay says:

      its not the amount that is used that is the issue its the toxicity that whatever amount reaches each time its over cooked adding new oil doesn’t change the toxicity much in fact its the opposit its the toxicity that changes the new added one making it toxic also . You may lower the toxicity of the old one but you allso raise the toxic levels of the new one when there was none in the new one and then the new one becomes easy to raise its toxicity afterward

    • H Nguyen says:

      guy tremblay Sorry, meant to say they probably switch it out daily with new one instead of adding new to the old. That’s why not much is needed so it shouldn’t cost much to replace. But who knows how each country does it. I’m speaking based on what I know and see every time I go back to Vietnam. So because it’s part of that continent I was assuming they’re pretty similar in way. Thanks for replying!

    • hamachikama says:

      +H Nguyen there you have it guys… a person arguing against science with his/her opinions on a country that is not even related to the country in this video. 100% credible.

    • avcbtumblr says:

      H Nguyen the point to put in a simple way is that the oil is passed its expiration date. You can’t cook with oil infinitely and there is a limit to how much heat it can withstand, after which point it becomes slightly toxic to human consumption which overtime might cause cancer. It’s not to say that it definitely will but it’s always better to be safe than sorry since most of us who have access to youtube should have the luxury of choice for our own bodies. Everyone just has the best interest for each other in speaking out to avoid this if possible because it can cause your body harm(Not that it definitely will).

    • emms terexp says:

      feedmeee i think it killed the dinosaurs haha

  7. moewadee says:

    why did the 2nd one have yellow things inside?

  8. Mark Laszlo says:

    I wonder how often they change the oil in the wok ?

    • anon says:

      They’re not savages… They change the gutter oil every day

    • สุระวงษ์ วงษ์ภู่ says:

      +aviator kid true I’m form Thailand

    • HG4EVER League of Bronze says:

      Mark Laszlo 2 many toxines in it

    • Joseph Park says:

      theres been videos on tv and stuff. they clean it out with bleach, well some do others just reuse the same oil for months

    • Siedler Joe says:

      You dont change the oil. Half the taste comes from the oil. His fathers father cooked with that oil and has sworn to haunt anyone who dares to change it.

  9. Nick Dillon says:

    The visual clarity of this video is just amazing

  10. dukky fuzz says:

    White people who are the fattest people on earth bitchin is funny as hell

    • US Patriot says:

      Daniel Verdú except America can’t even be considered whites, only a little more then half are European decent.

    • Mr. Lumberjakn says:

      dukky fuzz all those fat white people are American dude……a few of those cows have found there way into Canada due to being lead up here McDonalds but that’s about where it ends, don’t paint all of us with the same bacon fat brush.

    • bigjon7894 says:

      US Patriot if we keep going back in history that number gets bigger and bigger

    • Chihaya Furu says:

      dukky fuzz you mean Americans.

    • Victor Batista says:

      Here we go making it a race thing… you know that guy in highschool who used to make fun of gay guys and turned out to be gay himself? Overcompensation is funny as hell

  11. 222light Atoms says:

    they get the cooking oil from the street sewer gutters.

  12. James Piccone says:

    I’d rather have a big ol steak or pulled pork BBQ.

    • Miss Gould says:

      James Piccone I’m not an Arab but I am Muslim. I just thought to say you can eat all the pork in the world you’d like and it wouldn’t bother us Muslims one bit. I’m not sure where you got that concept from by you eating pork it would piss Muslims off lol that’s the most comical thing I heard, very absurd I have to say. However it’s known facts that it’s everything I mentioned above ( there’s “nothing wrong with it” lol yeah right. I’ll go with God’s words over yours) because God has already commanded us Muslim not to eat or go near it. But it’s a love story you would never understand unless you’re a Muslim. At the end of the day it’s your body and your choice and the main thing is you’re not a Muslim so you’re pleased to do as you wish.

    • Alex Curr says:

      James Piccone 1970 called, they want their attitude back.

    • GECKOTIME says:

      This thread is gold.

    • emms terexp says:

      James Piccone 1 heart attack with a little bit of cancer on the side pls

  13. NoPain NoGain says:

    I love these vegans saying it’s cruel. ???
    Tell the fish to stop ripping them to pieces in the wild.
    Oh, and the lion killing a zebra, ripping it apart slowly and eating it alive.
    Piss off soft cocks.
    Watch a tree channel or something.

    • NoPain NoGain says:

      read back Mr what?

    • aces1ofakind says:

      NoPain NoGain u dont tell someone to stfu when they havnt said anything for a month… and you should read up amd learn to read… i hate vegans too idiot.

    • aces1ofakind says:

      NoPain NoGain i never said your preaching so u look like a complete idiot. i said vegans are like religious preachers, and people should eat what they want.
      anyone can scroll up and read that. Stop making urself look stupid replying to the wrong comment.

  14. Jimmy Barham says:

    ppl are so stupid, it’d called part of a food chain

  15. Xavier Johnson says:

    R.I.P. shrimp. They will truly be delicious. I mean missed.

  16. Island Mike says:

    Giant mantis shrimp.Can crack a glass bottle.They can shoot out their pincers in miliiseconds, With high pressure.Beautifuly prepared and props for killing it humanely and instantly.

    • Sasuke Uchiha says:

      Island Mike thats a different type of mantis shrimp

    • Island Mike says:

      +Sasuke Uchiha This is a giant matnis shrimp

    • whearywulf says:

      rom hibiki yeah the internet is filled with fake videos making those people LOOK like they are eating dogs and cats when they really are eating um that um other animal that looks just like a cat and dog.

  17. Harold Edwards says:

    Thats the thing they dropped in Neo’s belly button from the Matrix

  18. Shen Shen says:

    i watched a video of an isopod getting boiled to death and being eaten by a grandma and now im here

  19. Adrianne Lloyd says:

    i don’t get people who go on videos like these, comment “disgusting,” then leave

    • YourTechGuide says:

      and how do you know this for a fact? are you a mantis shrimp that turned to human and is telling us that it doesn’t hurt to get cut by a scissor and cut at the back first instead of the head.

    • thai nguyen says:

      Grenherb i think it’s not about they’re suffering or not but how long they suffered, like how instead of bashing its head in and killing the shrimp instantly, they left to slowly die in an ice bucket, which is more suffering then necessary, something most cooks would try all they can to avoid doing, killing their ingredients slowly. FYI, I’m no vegan. Also, in America you can be arrested if you kill animals without any purpose to it like for food but instead do it just for the fun and enjoyment of it (yours or others). Some porn actress did and recorded the act to sell for profit, and now face up to 20(?) years in prison( could be 5, check it), which is crazy and too harsh if you ask me.

    • Jay Smith says:

      Clearly you’ve never been to a cow slaughterhouse, or would you enjoy watching a living thing get killed?