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Bhakarwadi Recipe – By Vahchef @

Bhakarwadi Recipe – By Vahchef @
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Bhakarwadi is a traditional spicy maharastrian snack recipe which requires effort but can be stored for weeks and enjoyed with evening tea. The flour based round discs are stuffed with roasted poppy seeds, steamed and then finally deep fried to a crispy finish.

Basen (chick pea flour) 2 cups
Whole wheat flour 1 cup
Hing pinch
Turmeric pinch
1 ½ tb
Cumin seeds 1 ts
Pepper corns ½ ts
Sesame seeds 1 ts
Coriander seeds 1 ts
Fennel seeds 1 ts
Poppy seeds 1 ts
Sugar ½ ts
Coconut 1 ts
Amchur powder ½ ts
Oil for deep fry

Take a bowl add basen flour, wheat flour, oil, hing, turmeric, salt, chilly powder; crumble the mixture before adding water. Take basen mixture add water mix it like a stiff dough, rest it for 10 minutes.

Take blender, in this add fennel seeds, cumin seeds, pepper corns, coriander seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sugar, hing, chilly powder, coconut, blend all together make a coarse powder, this powder take it into a bowl add salt, amchur powder, add some basen mixture, mix it well.
Roll the dough into thin sheet and spread the masala on top and roll the dough in to tight and seal the edg by applying water and rest it for 3 to 4 minutes, then cut them into roundels and deep fry them.
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25 Responses to “Bhakarwadi Recipe – By Vahchef @”

  1. 3rdStoneObliterum says:

    well I made them a few minutes ago. My first problem was AIR getting caught
    inside as I was rolling them into shape before cutting. But I found you can
    just squeeze the rolled “snake” with your hands gently to get some of the
    air out. I overcooked the first batch (10 minutes on low flame was too
    long), 2nd batch was OK, 3rd batch my wife turned up the flame and I didnt
    realize it until too late— after 4 minutes they were burnt. I forgave her
    OK, I DID WHAT YOU SAID, ……. but wish you had cooked them instead of me

  2. Nitusri Padala says:

    bro please tell the difference between sugar and icing sugar

    • Teena Elizabeth says:

      sugar is like small stones(sooji type) and icing sugar is like flour.. if
      we mix the sugar(3-5 mins in mixer grinder) then the sugar’ll change as
      icing sugar..

    • VahChef says:

      +Nitusri Padala Sugar is the regular one that we use in our daily cooking.
      Icing sugar is the one that is used on cakes, pastries and other baking

  3. Binoy Chouhan says:

    its ok if v skip poppy seeds as v dnt use poppy seeds

  4. afreen km says:

    superb recipe

  5. najma zubair says:

    thanks a lot. .

  6. Sapna Parikh says:

    very very tasty and crispy worlds new bhakarwadi

  7. Abiali Ebrahimjee says:


  8. 3rdStoneObliterum says:

    i flipped out the 1st time I ever ate bhakarwadi. I buy Bikaji brand
    (Bikaner style) which comes in round size and also flat sandwich shape. I
    will make Sanjay’s recipe tomorrow. I may skip the coconut though—- I
    don’t have any cocnut OR amchur powder. I will use lemon juice. My wife
    isnt a big fan of bhakarwadi but I think she will love these. We’ll see

  9. mamta prasad says:

    Hindi me bhi btaye

  10. Bhawana Upadhyay says:

    hello sir.. aftr watching ur video for bhakerwadi.. i prepared.. it was
    superb. thank u very much sir..

  11. Sapna Parikh says:


  12. sudha kerawat says:

    please क्या आप ये रेसिपी हिन्दी में बता सकते हे

  13. Anita bharat raj says:

    wah ji wah, very intersting way to teach.

  14. darshana mishra says:

    ohooo awesome dise mam

  15. Sapna Parikh says:

    very very tasty and crispy worlds new bhakarwadi

  16. sandeep tariyal says:

    chef super

  17. Rhushikesh Kalibag says:

    delicious I love this recipe I ll surely ask my mom to make it soon

  18. priti verma says:

    thank u

  19. ITISHREE NAYAK says:

    Thank you sooo muchh sir..!!!I am totally crazy about this
    bhakarwadi..!!!Nd nw I can prepare it myself..!!Really Thanks a lor-:)

  20. Akash Bhavsar says:

    And there I just complete eating haldiram’s mini bhakharwadi..Soooo good.
    Will try vah reh vah chef’s recipe as well. Thanks for sharing with us

    • VahChef says:

      +Akash Bhavsar hahah… nice. I am sure you will forget haldiram and make
      at home each time you want to eat them.