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Buttered Fried Chicken

Buttered Fried Chicken
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Buttered Fried Chicken is a much loved dish all over the globe. This version is actually healthier than you think.

Full recipe can be found here:

21 Responses to “Buttered Fried Chicken”

  1. Fruitarian says:

    cant u just fried it directly to the butter?

  2. Ash Howard says:

    some chicken cutupssssssss lol no offense

  3. Jobee Amarilla says:

    Yummy… tnx sir for your recipe buttered fried chicken

  4. ScubaDude79 says:

    I have never eaten fried chicken and thought to myself “boy, this could
    sure use some butter”…I will never try this lol. 

    • Luis X says:

      +ScubaDude79 Its actually a thing. Though sometimes what they do i s they
      fry the chicken. Melt the butter then toss in the chicken on medium heat
      for a minute or two. If you every had buffalo wings you had butter in your a fake butter substitute which actually is worse for you
      than real butter.

  5. gian carlo teoxon says:

    chef john try po ninyo gumawa ng Pad Thai,Filipino version po chicken pad

  6. Xylo Logic says:

    Heart Attack Buttered Goodness…

  7. bballfan511 says:

    doubleeedoubleedoublee dot. LMAOOOOOO!!!

  8. Mayeng Gwapa says:

    Thankyou! delicious recipe!! :D

  9. John Velcek says:

    youtheman, Mabuhay……:)!!!!

  10. Maria Fatimah Sabundayo says:

    Calamansi juice. It’s from a local lime called calamansi.

  11. TaLa 404 says:

    Bread crumbs! 🙂 Do the three-way method: Flour, Egg, then coat in with
    Bread Crumbs. 🙂

  12. Thom Tee says:

    dapat low fire lng kung magprito pra ndi mahilaw sa loob.wag kayo ma
    attract sa golden brown kc minsan bumili ako may mga dugo pa sa loob dahil
    hilaw pa.

  13. Hababy Bibi says:

    that easy??? huaw.

  14. Marianne Retiro says:

    wala bang dugo yan inside? XD

  15. rintube12 says:

    love this recipe…thanks!

  16. eviLscented says:

    yes, then you’ll have to scrap the marinade.

  17. eviLscented says:

    kalamansi juice

  18. John Kugelfischer says:

    “Gulli massy jews???????????” Wussat?????????