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Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Buttermilk Fried Chicken
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How to cook Buttermilk Fried Chicken the Panlasang Pinoy Way. Visit us at for more recipes

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

How to cook Buttermilk Fried Chicken the Panlasang Pinoy Way. Visit us at for more recipes

21 Responses to “Buttermilk Fried Chicken”

  1. steffi cruz says:

    Thank you sa tutorial, everyday ako nanonood nito, at everyday ko din
    gustong magluto, kaso di ako makasingit sa kapatid ng asawa ko :(

    • Maureen Bay Odinada says:

      Relate ako sayo 🙂 haha ginagawa ng husband ko para makapag luto ako,
      binilhan nya ko ng maliit na kalan at dito ako sa room namin nagluluto. 🙂

  2. fckGoogle+ says:

    kala mo bata kausap eh pa cute

  3. doooper super says:

    pag wala daw buttermilk pde na daw ung mothers milk

  4. pink rockers says:

    kelangan pa po ba talaga ibake sa oven? pwd hindi nlng?

  5. James mabborang says:

    Thanks for i know.ill cook for my kids.

  6. Shaula Sarillana says:

    I found powdered buttermilk? all I have to do is add water on it ?

  7. John Crow says:


  8. zukram says:

    kuya pag wala pong buttermilk anu pde substitute?

  9. Diak Maawatan says:

    He’s a Filipino that is why he speaks in Tagalog and English which is the
    way Filipino speaks. We can speak pure tagalog but we prefer combination of
    Tagalog and English.

  10. crista schara says:

    And next time Sir, make sure you know how to spell Filipino instead putting
    it like philppino! That is just so wrong if you know what I’m saying.

  11. crista schara says:

    But they are not like you that is so racist and a down grader!

  12. crista schara says:

    Sir, before saying something like that I’ll let you know that English is a
    universal language. Anyone can speak English. We know that we (Filipinos)
    doesn’t speak English very well. We didn’t grew up in a country like yours
    that mainly speaks English but I know you sort a understand what the guy in
    the video is explaining about. My husband is an American and his family
    doesn’t care if sometimes my English is not good enough if I explain

  13. jovelyn ursal says:

    Hellooo…..he’s just trying to help filipinos whose working and no idea on
    how to cook….and be thankful……because he is kind enough..

  14. Channaelise Rich says:

    @Kevin Tinawin: i couldn’t agree more

  15. Kevin Tinawin says:

    No, he’s just ignorant

  16. Channaelise Rich says:

    @Jack Chambles: FYI…Filipinos use Tagalog and English in daily
    conversation. Before saying anything else…do a research. You seem so
    clueless man.

  17. Jack Chambles says:

    Next video, do it in philppino and leave us english speaking people alone.

  18. syaoran101 says:

    u can make your own buttermilk… you can find a lot of videos on youtube
    on how to make it. 1 cup of whole milk + 1 tsp. of white vinegar or lemon
    juice. then wait for 5 mins. that’s it!

  19. Cynthia Gonzales says:

    I was so confused causebim high as f*** right now no lie. I was like what
    the f*** did I smoke? Sounds like englspanigibberbabble. But now I know
    it’s philipino, interesting language. 🙂 good recipe (coming from someone
    who has the munchies)

  20. Shalimar Jalmasco says:

    san mo binili ung buttermilk? wala kasi ako makita sa sm groceries eh kaya
    alternative na lang ginamit ko for buttermilk fried chicken 🙂