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Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Buttermilk Fried Chicken
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33 Responses to “Buttermilk Fried Chicken”

  1. iLoveTurtlesHaha says:

    I can’t remember the last time I had fried chicken. OMG…. I’m on a diet,
    why did I watch this?

    • Joanna R says:

      LOL, I do the same thing. Every time I’m on a diet and I open up YouTube on
      my computer all the videos recommended are friggin cooking videos.

  2. Handy FX says:

    is it taste like KFC?

  3. Sarwar Hossain says:

    wow so yummy aswome

  4. Taylor Hemmings says:


  5. KaL Rynzler says:

    This is so disgusting.

  6. XD Shibe says:

    I use a liquid batter. It’s a bit dangerous when you put it in, but meh. It
    looks much better. its 1 part flour to 1 part corn starch (add more to look
    better) and spices to your liking (Paprika, cayanne, salt, pepper)

  7. Sugar~n~Spice says:

    I’m white and was born and live in the north. I LOVE fried chicken. This is
    definitely not just black people food.

    • TheLKStar says:

      You may have good intentions, but it’s silly to keep repeating something
      just because you want to believe it.

      Races do exist in all species, including humans, and the difference is not
      only on skin color, but on many qualities. As an example, most of the time
      the voice of black singers is easily distinguishable from the voice of
      white singers.

      Saying race doesn’t exist is like saying social classes don’t exist. They
      do, but it’s no excuse to mistreat someone for being different than you.

    • Sugar~n~Spice says:

      You think maybe if I get a tan it will help? lmfao

    • Marcel Martinez says:

      +lokustic well now i know

    • lokustic says:

      +Marcel Martinez well you know im just kidding 😉

    • osjuchava says:

      +Marcel Martinez Well, ok then

  8. Fysche says:

    i tried fry chiken in buttermilk but was evrything soggy?? NOT CRUNCHY :(((

  9. ador757 says:

    gotta love the background music

  10. Keandra Cleggett says:

    Who eats fried chicken once a year? GTFOOH ???

    • WillJ Y says:

      LOL yup eating? no, that would be as much as my body can tolerate, but
      frying it urself? yea probably once a year, those oil wasting is just too
      much for clean up

    • Sigh An says:

      +shekitten7456 accept your body as it is, trust me you will drop pounds
      like anything.. not joking,

    • shekitten7456 says:

      +Major Agitator Education my foot—-I avoided fried chicken like the
      plague most of my life. Grew up on it and was skinny as in pathetically
      scrawny, kids all made fun of me for it. Boys told me I was gross cuz I was
      so skinny—-quit eating fried chicken and tried to suffer thru boiling
      everything or baking—you name it. Ate tons of veggies and fruit. Cut way
      back on fats—felt horrid all the time—lots of headaches. During those
      adult years, I continually gained weight like crazy. Was way too overweight
      and NEVER felt good. Couldn’t concentrate or focus—-went back to eating a
      bit more like when I was a kid—dropped a lot of weight but not enough.
      Now I am stuck, but I know for sure I will never go back to all that nasty
      mess they tell us to eat for good health. Low fat? No thank you! I think
      sugar (especially from GMO sugar beets, plus all the other GMO stuff,
      together with the chemicals from pesticides, etc. is what has thrown our
      metabolism out of whack.) As for cutting back on meats and dairy, I have
      decided no to that as well. My skin is dry and super-itchy—I need to go
      back full on to eating what I grew up on and stick with it. So pufffff to
      no fried chicken—-been missing out for YEARS. I am tired of starving. I
      don’t care if the rest of the weight comes off—-tho I would love it just
      for the sake of getting around easier—-but now I just want to eat and not
      worry over it and have to be fixated on food. Just eat, and go about the
      day. I am so tired of the constant health pitches, been there done that.
      They don’t work. Just move around and don’t go hungry. It isn’t worth it
      and does lots of damage to the body to go without what your body needs.

    • Kirill Kondrachov says:

      +Keandra Cleggett He makes his own about once a year to be fair. I make
      fried chicken only 3 times a year tops but I eat out from popeyes on a
      weekly basis.

  11. WavYz says:

    i eat fried chicken every week

  12. Soren Ingram says:

    Fried Chicken Once a year… ? Liar Liar Pants on a – gas burner

  13. I Love Food, It's My Bae says:


  14. HTakara82 says:

    I always use more seasoning in flour. Flour mutes out flavors pretty badly.

  15. Isaiah Meyers says:

    gonna enjoy these with some waffles

  16. Soney Liston says:

    I made this… it was great had some for work the next day, and it was
    still crisp when cold, I will make some again soon, thats for this m8

  17. Xanctus says:

    I eat fried chicken twice a month at least.

  18. MrZizbang says:

    I want KFC now lol