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Cider Brined Double Dipped Fried Chicken

Cider Brined Double Dipped Fried Chicken
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People always ask for the recipe…so here it is…It's my Cider Brined Double Dipped Fried Chicken. Part of the video has no sound – we discovered halfway through – sorry about that – lol. But, it's still a good video!

Cider Brined Double Dipped Fried Chicken

People always ask for the here it is...It's my Cider Brined Double Dipped Fried Chicken. Part of the video has no sound - we discovered halfway through - sorry about that - lol. But, it's still a good video!

25 Responses to “Cider Brined Double Dipped Fried Chicken”

  1. Dark Traveler says:

    Yea! love the reaction after tasting that chicken! i’m cooking chicken
    tonight! So many good tips with I like the double dip method, also I’ve
    notice some recipes say to let the flour settle on the chicken for 5 to 10
    minutes until it forms a paste before frying. Also many say to use self
    rising flour or cake flour.

  2. cammicty says:

    Gotta go make the Mac an cheese now bro, lol! umm loved it when you were
    talking to the food, cause then you know it’s some good cooking.

  3. Michael L. says:

    Damn, that looked good.

  4. Tina King says: this video! i got all excited when he cut into the chicken and
    tasted it…lol

  5. jlwfilm says:

    Great job!!!

  6. Brad Lewis says:

    UUGHH! Why do I watch things like this when I’m already hungry, and I have
    no chicken or cider in the house? I know what’s going on my grocery list!
    This looks great!

  7. MrJamest1956 says:

    great job, think I will give it try! never did the apple cider brined
    before. will let you know how it came out.

  8. geeayevette says:

    Geez! This ‘ol white boy is lovin the cookin from your kitchen!! Keep up
    the good work! Best, GI…from the mountains of N.Y.

  9. beancountingzombie says:

    You’ve inspired me to try this- how long did you brine?

  10. Johnny Hernandez says:

    have you ever heard of the dry hand and wet hand method

  11. WeReeLCooL says:

    lol @ 6:11 “Listen, now listen…”– That’s how you know it’s good food!
    Thanks, for the recipe bro! 

  12. Sup Im TAQ says:

    I know some people re-use their oil, do people re-use the flour also? If
    so, how do you store it.

    • Mimi Keel says:

      +Sup Im TAQ
      It isn’t a good idea to re-use the flour unless you sift it well of all its
      bits, then freeze it immediately. I throw it out after the second use.

  13. Cynthia Boyce says:

    hey! Darius, good video’s. you make your grandmother and aunt proud. keep
    up the good work. I’m a older woman and it is good to see a man. that doe
    it so well. god bless you. squeekie

  14. Jeff Hunter says:

    Darius… You rocked that chicken…I am goin’ for it tomorrow
    morning….Brining is an excellent process….Thank you for sharing

  15. GR8119 says:

    Wife said the vinegar taste reminded her of chitterlings. Might try this
    without marinating in the cider. Good crunchy skin and seasonings though!

    • Showmestate says:

      I don’t think it’s apple cider vinegar. I think it’s just apple cider
      (apple juice). 🙂

  16. sophisticatedbadgurl says:

    Your voice sounds similar to Malcolm Jamal Warner….I think that’s his
    name. “THEO”

  17. Bill Phillips says:

    Darius, you’re making me hungry!!!! LOL! I’m going to combine this
    technique with your other fried chicken video and see what happens! Thanks
    for sharing!

  18. jamezz34 says:

    Motherfukka go get me sum friend chicken son yeeehawww

  19. knifeforkandaspoon says:

    Looks great! Is there a written recipe that I could use for reference?

  20. Tonja Hannon says:

    I did this recipe exactly and it was absolutely horrible!! I will never use
    apple cider for a brine again…

    • Jamilah1117 says:

      Maybe replace the apple cider for sweet tea next time? I want to try this
      recipe myself.