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Crispy Jalapeno Poppers Video Recipe by Bhavna

Crispy Jalapeno Poppers Video Recipe by Bhavna
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What could be better than fried Jalapeno Poppers on Rainy, windy day? I love to prepare fried stuff on rainy, cold day. Jalapeno poppers are perfect since they are nice and crispy whether you fry or bake them.
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31 Responses to “Crispy Jalapeno Poppers Video Recipe by Bhavna”

  1. asianlite6 says:

    Hi sis,lovely climate with yummy dish…sis i find some wounds on ur
    righthand…do take care while cooking …thank you..god bless you my
    sis…:) Me gonna make for this weekend…:)

    • Neha Solanki says:

      Those aren’t wounds. That is mehendi which has faded a little bit. It’s
      kind of a temporary henna tattoo 🙂

    • Bhavna's Kitchen says:

      Hi sis, It’s Henna mehandi…

  2. Ridy Blackletoe says:

    Awesome! Always go pitta on a cold or rainy day ?

  3. rinkal patel says:


  4. kingtut777 says:

    This girl is just simply amazing!!

  5. diya kapoor says:

    Hey hi bhavana. I really follow a lit of your receipes. Even those hot dogs
    were suuuuuuppppper yum. Would definitely wanna try this. They look really
    tempting. Yea contrasts for that award you won.

  6. joyariffic says:

    Thanks ive been thinking of making these

  7. Radha Chatterjee says:

    Thanks for sharing Bhavna Auntie! 

  8. Manjinder Kaur says:

    Wow ! A new one for me never tried gonna try it soon thxx

  9. cyberianmanx1 says:

    Perfection absolute! Great recipe.

  10. Michelle Audi says:

    I love jalapeño poppers. Thank you for showing how simple they are to make.
    Can’t wait to try this recipe with my fresh jalapeños from the garden!

  11. Soujanya Sridharan says:

    Hi Bhavna, all your recipes are wonderful.Could you also show how to make
    some Thai curries? You have shown such diverse cuisines and that’s great

  12. pri22v11 says:

    Bhavna Ben, tamare video better be better thai Che! Big fan of yours!

  13. dyedDrapes says:

    I agree, all her recipes are super yum, she’s got the best recipes & ideas

  14. perlita beltran araujo says:

    No eres norte americana xq ablas en ingles? Y para variar lo ablas pesimo

    • Steph Millan says:

      Su ingles es perfecto Su acento es de la india lo mas seguro es que tenga
      descendencia, solo por que se vea Latina no significa que lo sea. Usted
      escribe horrible en su idioma y aun asi aquí anda dejando opiniones … pd:
      habla lleva H!!

  15. Gary Doss says:

    Great idea. 

  16. Diana Rojas says:

    i can’t understand what shes saying?

    • Tam Chau says:

      +Diana Rojas I understand her just fine, open up your heart and your
      hateful mind maybe that’s the problem

    • ChuLa Saucedo says:

      +Tam Chau
      yes u can understand her better than you do
      @cookingwithsandy my god I left i didn’t even finish watching her video ?

  17. Joe Kehoe says:

    you look pretty cute too

  18. Casey Piper says:

    very good

  19. sbb85 says:

    can i just used bread crumbs and eggs to coat the jalopenos? i am not fond
    of flour????

  20. rosaisela42km says:

    Hey! Cheese have a lot of salt and adding salt is a crime