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Deep-fried candy bar

Deep-fried candy bar
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This is what Sunday boredom will do to you. . .

14 Responses to “Deep-fried candy bar”

  1. ll_RNGxSAVAGE_ll says:

    2016 ?

  2. Thea Brink says:

    Er det ikke det amerikanerne gør?:P Altså at friturestege alt?:P

  3. s3rvana says:

    @waltpsu Only in America.

  4. Akhi Lucas says:

    looks like a fried organ o.o

  5. waltpsu says:

    You know they sell those at fairs, right?

  6. Mohd Jeffrey Zin says:

    That was fast. cooked in 10 seconds.

  7. Christian Figueroa says:

    yo its funny becuz today is sunday and im bored and i was already gonna try
    this before i watched this vid

  8. crimsonheroX7 says:

    looks kinda like a sweet potato

  9. orangecreme222 says:

    if you don’t like the video, don’t watch it.

  10. Mortal Gamer says:

    lol friggin america is great!

  11. dragkraigor says:

    its a chicken!! lol

  12. Caskader says:


  13. NewsOK Editors says:

    fookin soap dodger!

  14. kopmistr says:

    fookin yanks!