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Deep Fried Cookies

Deep Fried Cookies
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In this episode we decided to expand beyond Oreo and Girl Scout and do some more cookies!
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Roger Mendez:
In this series we are dedicated to deep frying every food we can find. Do you have a suggestion for an episode? Let us know!

In order we did:
Chocolate Fudge
Peanut Butter No-Bake
Chewy Chips Ahoy

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32 Responses to “Deep Fried Cookies”

  1. Tiff M-L says:

    Did somebody say Tony Danza?!

  2. OneTooManyGames says:

    Stop trying to fly lol

  3. zombify6 says:

    Deep fry different types of nut butters

  4. Stranglethroat says:

    Milano, Turkey?

  5. SeanMusicFreak says:

    I mean no offense by this, but Loafy looks like a shady used car salesmen
    who works for the mob.

  6. Jonah Skiff says:

    Accidentally clicked on this and now it’s all deep fried

  7. Bianca Zappa says:

    Hmm have u guys done Deep fried hostess cakes?
    Suzi Qs
    Ring dings
    ho hos
    cup cakes

  8. taimak123 says:

    No herr pink, Milanos getting a bad rating, too much loafy, this video was
    not your best dawg!

  9. Kalani Akiona says:

    The guy with the red shirt looks like he does drugs

  10. jon schrader says:


  11. Emilee Bowman says:

    bourbon whiskey is so redundant. anyone else catch that?


    4:50 – how many stars will fit on the screen?

  13. Doug Dour says:

    deep fried smarties r de BOMB

  14. curt pauley says:

    POP that fking forehead ZIT

  15. Kenneth Sejr Hansen says:

    lol milano is NOT in turkey its in italy loafy.

  16. BrightNeonFire13 says:

    lol I love you guys and loafy is silly XD

  17. Kammie Andrews says:

    Have you guys done a Hostess treats deep fry? Would love to see a deep
    fried moon pie or suzie q :)

  18. Christian Anderson says:

    I just hate guerro