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Deep-Fried Creamy Chicken Gravy – Extra Saucy Chicken Croquettes

Deep-Fried Creamy Chicken Gravy – Extra Saucy Chicken Croquettes
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Learn how to make a Deep-Fried Creamy Chicken Gravy recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy these easy Extra Saucy Chicken Croquettes!

49 Responses to “Deep-Fried Creamy Chicken Gravy – Extra Saucy Chicken Croquettes”

  1. pen mightygun says:

    im making mine with shrimp , just because i can.

    • Claire Schmidt says:

      No it was actually fine. The first few ones got out great. I used his 2nd.
      recipe, but somehow the rest were just completely deflated =(. I had it in
      the fridge for 7 hours. It was holding great and was very firm.

    • Claire Schmidt says:

      +Food Wishes I needed a little help. I made those and the first several
      ones were round, crispy and beautiful but all the rest became flat the
      moment they came out of the oil, despite floating to the surface and having
      a golden colour before I pulled them up. Even those that had a little more
      heat to them and turned more golden, deflated/flattened completely after
      being taken out. I used the 2nd. recipe on your blog. Help me.. was the oil
      too cold or warm to cause this?

    • Damian Rhea says:

      +Captain Murica OK. I’m sorry. I was trolling… But I do like organic
      sprouted tofu, not the regular tofu, HONESTLY. Have a nice day!

    • Captain Murica says:

      +Captain Murica I meant, why Tofu? Yeeeesh.

  2. janet lavergne says:

    I think I want to add cheese to it.

    • janet lavergne says:

      +wowfood Okay, now you’ve done it. I want bacon, too.

    • wowfood says:

      I want to swap out the ham for some diced up smokey bacon. Cheese would go
      well with that too. Could claim the recipe as my own and call it Huntsman
      Chicken balls.

  3. Patrick vdv says:

    maybe double crumb them to have less eruptions ? :)

  4. rainepanda says:

    Deep fried gravy?.. Bring this to Texas for our next state fair! You’ll be
    rich!! Lol

  5. Vivirama ranny says:

    Can I just bake them,so it will be more healthy without deep frying with
    too much oil? 

    • Andreas Hetland Haavik says:

      +Franzapanz Thanks, finally a guy that knows his stuff on Youtube! The egg
      wash contains a natural emulsifier, but i think the structure of it is
      changed when heated, so idk

    • Znapaznarf says:

      +shehankv Let me give you a little science lesson then.

      You ever wonder why steam comes out of food that’s heated to a certain
      temperature? That’s because most foods have a considerable amount of water
      in them. Now what happens when you apply heat to food? The water comes out
      after a certain amount of time and temperature are reached. Water and fat
      can not, and do not mix together into an emulsion (unless you add a third
      factor that naturally contains an emulsifier), that’s just their nature. If
      you deep fry something PROPERLY, the water pushing out of the food will
      push against the oil trying to come in, so the only oil that gets
      “absorbed” remains on the surface, which you can easily drain/blot off
      after you’re done frying.

    • kbernstar says:

      +shehankv If you are familiar with Alton Brown’s show Good Eats, he goes
      into this exact topic on the episode “Fry Hard”, Season 2 Episode 9.

  6. jane 86 says:

    Im probably metanlly ill, but i cant deal with the fact that everything is
    the same unhealthy looking color. Everyting is “beige”.

  7. Jaime Lannister says:


  8. Zen3y3 says:

    The smokey porkey goodness compels you.

  9. Harobed says:

    I don’t actually make your recipes, I just find your voice entertaining

    • Ijeme Imolorhe says:

      +Harobed I tried his butter milk biscuit recipe. It changed my life.

    • Joan Evangelista says:

      +umarth My brother feels the same. Can’t understand it though, love this
      man’s voice and intonation.

    • jim bob says:

      +Harobed i like his sense of humor and he has a decent voice over voice.
      not afraid to poke fun at himself.
      and he is a good cook you should try some of his stuff!

    • umarth says:

      +Harobed Funny, I follow the recipes but find the voice annoying…

  10. axelord4ever says:

    *”We’ll melt just a little bit of butter”*
    There’s like half a brick in there.

  11. Jeong-hun Sin says:

    Deep frying makes almost everything delicious. It is too bad that deep
    frying is bad for our health. If it were not, I would have fried

  12. george hen says:


  13. Erik R. Bergman says:

    my god I’ve died and gone to heaven!!! I just made those they are amazing
    thanks although my cardiologist would flip out if he knew what I just

  14. nathan rubio says:

    Food wish: Tater Tots

    Please and thanks 

  15. stefano fioravanti says:

    ” A little bit of butter”

  16. Tessie Dobey says:

    I want mines to be just like the ones in the video

  17. schpookendike says:

    chef John is exceptionally sassy in this video, I research it every time I
    make these and it makes me happy every time!

  18. Greg's Kitchen says:

    i love balls in my mouth

  19. Viking the Shambling says:

    Southern grandmother approved, her recipe book has expanded.

  20. DutchKnifeGuy says:

    We call this Bitterballen in the Netherlands.