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Deep Fried Dare Devil Loaded Griller

Deep Fried Dare Devil Loaded Griller
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In this episode we're using a menu Item from Taco Bell that didn't quite make the cut for DFW. The dare devil loaded griller, with ghost pepper (supposedly)

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In this series we will be doing a single serving review of deep fried goodness.

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46 Responses to “Deep Fried Dare Devil Loaded Griller”

  1. heavybassX says:

    Also I just tweeted this to Taco Bell themselves so your gauntlet Guerro
    might be called on… or not but they are damned if they win and damned if
    they lose ;).

  2. O says:

    I can see loafy’s nipple

  3. Te Tegusto says:

    Pink looks great after loosing the weight

  4. l33tshoe says:

    “Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who Is the Greasiest of Them All?”

    It’s Loafy.

  5. JustOneAsbesto says:

    Deep fried spam.

  6. Richphotos1 says:

    When was this filmed? They do not have these around here anymore
    (Minneapolis area)

    • KingofWisdom says:

      +Richphotos1 Same, I believe they’re off the menu in my area (they’ve also
      been taken off the menu on Taco Bell’s website)

  7. dsadams17 says:

    Deep Fried Ghost Chili Pepper.

  8. Tayderp (I have smegma so thick you can eat it with a fork.) says:

    The ghost pepper sauce was actually pretty hot, but it was a building heat.
    If you put extra sauce on a taco it’s about 3x Fire Sauce.

    • TheDetective says:

      +Tayderp (I have smegma so thick you can eat it with a fork.) Ugh for
      Christs sake would you two give it a rest already?

    • KingofWisdom says:

      It is spicy, though, just not to people who are broken. If you need to eat
      a ghost pepper to feel something, anything, that’s your problem lol.

    • KingofWisdom says:

      +The Gaming Paladin lol you’re completely unreasonable. What are you
      expecting, Dave’s Insanity level heat from Taco Bell food?

  9. rawimpact says:

    1:28 is my butthole after eating tacobell

  10. rkt9886 says:

    if the sauce was actually spicy it would have been much better because the
    taste of it was awesome.

  11. Joey Clegg says:

    awe.. no “Bitches” comment during the opening monologue :(

  12. Antinull says:

    The ghost pepper sauce was pretty good, I would order the sauce and put it
    on everything

  13. Andrew Tornadoboy says:

    You should try frying buldak bokkeum myun, aka “Korean fire noodles”

  14. judgewestenn says:

    I tried all of these multiple times, just to be sure they didn’t short me
    on sauce or the seasoning/flavoring. What I discovered is that the habanero
    griller has the most flavor of the three, but the heat level on all of them
    is pathetic. On a side note, I also thought the diablo sauce was
    disappointing, and tasted like chicken stock.

    • KingofWisdom says:

      +judgewestenn I found the Habanero griller bland as all hell. The only one
      worth eating is the ghost pepper one.

  15. anavash says:

    Damn was it 3 in the morning or 3 at night? :D

  16. Ringo Starr says:

    well fast food places cant really make REALLY spicy foods cuz then people
    would sue.. so their limit of spiciness cant be high

    • Kevt23 says:

      +Ringo Starr the coffee was actually scalding hot and gave the woman some
      serious burns. You should look up the case. I remember back in the day it
      was made out to be a huge joke of a lawsuit, but in actuality it was quite
      justified. There is no reason for coffee to be as hot as they were making

    • Ringo Starr says:

      yea but a normal restaurant isnt as big as a giant fast food chain that has
      billions of dollars to sue

    • Bacon Shakes says:

      +Ringo Starr that’s because McDonald’s didn’t disclose that the coffee
      could be “too hot”. If a normal restaurant can serve something extremely
      spicy so can a fast food joint.

    • Ringo Starr says:

      someone sued mcdonalds cuz they spilled coffee on themselves and it was
      hot…people sue for anything

  17. mattdemon says:

    LOL the Rick and Morty reference was great

  18. berighteous says:

    I had one and 2/3 of the “ghost pepper” sauce was in the last bite.