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deep fried fish alive and eaten

deep fried fish alive and eaten
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deep fried fish alive and eaten

22 Responses to “deep fried fish alive and eaten”

  1. Andrew82688 says:

    I’m a hunter and fisherman but I would side with PETA on this one. This is wrong!

  2. Saya Bebas says:

    An animal (not human) usually start eating when the other animal is dead. Very cruel to even just allow people to do so. Plus… the background laughing is so evil….. I would like to see yourself fried and alive being eaten by this fish.

  3. Kervy Azuro says:

    This is fucking in humane and cruel, and considering the fact that the background people were laughing as well

  4. Eloise Evans says:

    That’s just cruel and sick

  5. Radka Cone says:

    I really really hope he didnt feel anything 🙁 i wish i could fry the “people” around…

  6. Anja Olsen says:

    sick sick sick!!!!
    hate it!!

  7. melissa poneka says:

    Discusting. Its dying slowly

  8. splash izingi says:

    Just eat it

  9. Susan says:

    the fish must have been in a lot of pain

    • Jonathan Long says:

      +Susan Deegan actually it wouldnt feel it at all… the nerves are burnt off, and after a while its dead just moving due to nerves. so watching this may seem like torture but usually its already dead or cant feel it at all. When we kill it, the “humane way” it actually is still alive usually for another 30 seconds, and can even live up to 2 minutes without its head there are videos of beheaded animals all over the internet if your that curious

  10. potato plop33 says:

    Rude although it is a carp

  11. Alex Oprel says:

    So when its throat is raped by a hook its called a good hobby and a sport….

  12. Darrel Cantor says:

    so sad its torture….. tsk tsk tsk tsk

  13. rrat says:

    Stop being so ethnocentric. This is not America lol

  14. TheSpicyPotato says:

    Because cruelty is only based on intelligence ..we can do this to any animal and not feel remorse bc we are selfish

  15. Mediaboon says:

    An entire culture built on torturing animals. That’s how serial killers are born.

  16. ТруЪ Швайне says:

    Таких бы гурманов я бы сам обжарил и скормил весело хрюкающим свиньям.

  17. Твой Господин says:

    Фубля, так и обрыгаться можно

  18. indian PewDiePie says:

    It is crying

  19. Russ Cotton says:

    The Human Race is the Cruelest Species on the Planet. We Kill Animals for Fun, Sport and this You Tube Video is a clear example how Sick some people are.

  20. aung aung says:

    we must pay respect on what we depend on for lives even if we cant abstain. laughing is inapporprate. killed quickly is better eaten alive.
    some say below comments, fish seems doesnt hurt, i have strong suggestion, test it by any finger out of you.