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Deep Fried Indian Food

Deep Fried Indian Food
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In this episode we're deep frying some Indian delivery! Tandoori here we come! If you're ever on the East Side, check out Chick'n'Fish for sure! – episode 55

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Roger Mendez:
In this series we are dedicated to deep frying every food we can find. Do you have a suggestion for an episode? Let us know!
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In order we did:
Butter Chicken
Garlic Naan
Kathi Roll
Tandoori Chicken
Tandoori Fish

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32 Responses to “Deep Fried Indian Food”

  1. rogantu says:

    Can we get a deep fried sushi video?

  2. Jeff Corbett says:

    “Come here hummingbird” I will be saying this from now on

  3. Tanealya Smith says:

    deep fried Chinese food and sushi ?

  4. HellthyJunkFood says:

    smart. smart. smart.

  5. Din du nuffin says:

    Please do a video naked

  6. Shaheryaargaming says:

    How about deep fried medditerean food


    You should make a sandwich out of that deep fried bread.

  8. Exploding_Taco_gaming 75 says:

    Can you please do deep-fried Mexican food

  9. Otto Conde says:

    I really need to hang out with these people. They seem very interesting and
    fun to be around with.

  10. jay “ogbobbydilmer” yay says:

    whats the best thing from chick n fish and i wanna try chaat house but its
    always full of people and the wont let you make a to go order

  11. Ben S. says:

    I would rate thise 5/7 would eat.

  12. Steve C says:

    “It sort of slid in there…” TWSS

  13. Kyle Lambert says:

    not to be rude but what is that on ur forehead cuz my friends cousin has it

  14. MyNameIsChef says:

    Dude that looks so fucking good

  15. Tommy Heinz says:

    So when you start with amazing then deep fry it … You get …..stupid

  16. PCFanatic says:

    You should definitely do deep fried lunchables again.

  17. Anthony Uribe says:

    At the end, pink is good at taking large amounts of liquid down his throat.

  18. PunkPanda says:

    xD do the ingredients (and the scenery whilst they are up ) get continously
    more hillarious ?

  19. Kyle Sekenski says:

    2:00 Bite the pillow, he’s going in dry ?