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Deep Fried Jimmy John’s

Deep Fried Jimmy John’s
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In this episode we're taking a bunch of items from Jimmy John's and seeing how they deep fry!

There's a new Deep Fried What video at the end of every month!
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Roger Mendez:
In this series we are dedicated to deep frying every food we can find. Do you have a suggestion for an episode? Let us know!
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In order we did:
Whole Pickle
Vegetarian Lettuce Wrap
Club LuLu

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27 Responses to “Deep Fried Jimmy John’s”

  1. Praetorian Gaming says:

    Deep Fried 7-11? And you can sip on alcohol infused Slurpees while you

  2. Aidan Crawford says:

    i’m sorry loafy but

    you look like a bigger keemstar

  3. William Renken says:

    The dude with the long hair looks like smegol from lotr

  4. DG Photography says:

    make deep fried surstromming.

  5. Hobo Sullivan says:

    1:02 Turned it into a sea cucumber!

  6. nick85able says:

    what only 360p haha its all good…you guys know how to have fun!!!


    Lol why does loafy always have a delayed reaction for when he burns his

  8. Koopa zev says:

    deep fried qdoba. is there one where you guys are?

  9. Lucas Kerr says:

    3:33 is when loafy realizes his mistake, yet again… too hot. WHEN WILL

  10. GoisBR says:


  11. AlbertGurl says:

    Nothin’ like a good episode of Deep Fried WHAAAAT when I’m burning with
    fever and have been coughing my lungs out. 🙂

    The veggie wrap and gargantuan look amazing! I wish to try these someday.

  12. The Wanderer says:

    0:25 LOAFY XD

  13. lithiumkc8 says:

    Does Loafy work at a pizza joint in Seattle?

  14. legacy23 says:

    cultmoo deep fry gyros next?

  15. amani watson says:

    Your videos make me so happy :)

  16. Charisma Bros says:

    deep fried Tommy’s please

  17. A Cameron says:

    never saw anyone try to deep fry cheerios before…