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DEEP FRIED OREO COOKIES – The Heart Attack Snack (Re: Nicko’s Kitchen)

DEEP FRIED OREO COOKIES – The Heart Attack Snack (Re: Nicko’s Kitchen)
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Just had to try these…


Nicko's Channel – check him out!

Nicko's Recipe
10 Oreo cookies
1 cup flour
1 tbls sugar
1 egg
1/4 cup milk
vegetable oil to fry

19 Responses to “DEEP FRIED OREO COOKIES – The Heart Attack Snack (Re: Nicko’s Kitchen)”

  1. Jasper The God! says:

    i wonder where you get those cap bowls?

  2. macrossjs says:

    there goes my heart..

  3. Paul45 says:

    i remember in 50 things about u, u said u eat a lot when u r sad,
    especially oreos and ice cream, or oreo ice cream. U really love Ice Cream

  4. Paul45 says:

    1 tablespoon of sugar… eh, maybe a little bit more

  5. Paul45 says:

    @SoulR3aper1999 You get them at baseball games, go to one of the stands,
    get an ice cream and usually they will have a cone or a bowl and the bowl
    is a hat.

  6. sourmilkandcereal says:

    i did this right now and screwed up and ending up not tasting as good that
    i thought i would be

  7. QueenAngie says:

    I don’t think you cooked them right…..

  8. Diamonds'N'Rubyz says:

    what are you frying them in a bowl of water?? hah!!

  9. Anthony J. Gomez says:

    No, of course not.

  10. Anthony J. Gomez says:

    I don’t know. They tasted fantastic.

  11. jakesaysknee says:

    I had these at my local fair today. They’re pretty good, but I could only
    eat 3. Any more and I would’ve got sick for sure…

  12. ladykelly333 says:

    Distgustingly delicous!!

  13. MrTorray7 says:


  14. DoraaaaC says:

    Why do you keep showing the inside of the stupid cookie.

  15. Anthony J. Gomez says:

    Because it’s delicious.

  16. Clav Vang says:

    I bet it tastes like heart attack

  17. jakeem harper says:

    I’ve. Had them they r really good

  18. sen dovey says:

    that’s is how you get diabetes 

  19. oumar diaby says:

    yours was really bad and next time try to cover it all up and your just
    faking that its good