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Deep Fried Pepsi

Deep Fried Pepsi
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Deep Fried Pepsi

20 Responses to “Deep Fried Pepsi”

  1. juppukun says:

    America : land of the fat bumbling scumfucks and diabetus

  2. D.R.Caleb says:

    Do they have those with diet pepsi?

  3. fezants says:

    You as an individual, Have a choice as to what you put in your mouth, no
    one put a gun to your head and said, eat crap until you double your size or
    die, You want to be fat then stuff your mouth with crap, or eat a choice of
    foods in moderation, I eat burgers, candy etc, I am not over weight..

  4. Josh Buskirk says:

    how does that taste i cant image what they taste lke at all

  5. Austin Davis says:

    Try deep fried coke. Pepsi sux

  6. Explorer Joe says:

    You can’t beat the Beetus.

  7. Wester Wolf says:

    God bless america.


  8. g brown says:


  9. alexander nava says:

    one word….diabetus

  10. popozitoira says:

    deep fried diet pepsi… possible ?!

  11. Claudia Garcia says:


  12. Cut4Memestar HasCrashed says:

    pepsi power by Fattern


    no gloves??

  14. Gibbe Lundmark says:

    Whats the Song?

  15. bigiri says:

    I expected an icecube made of pepsi in a batter, which then got deep fried.
    Son I’m dissapoint.

  16. Jan Okulewicz says:

    Is that Venice Beach?

  17. Beverly Glover says:

    So they are like tiny pepsi flavoured doughnuts with a toothpick attached?
    I’d have to taste one to be sure.