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Deep Fried Strawberries (#2)

Deep Fried Strawberries (#2)
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Running off a batch of deep fried strawberries! Yummy!

Deep Fried Strawberries (#2)

Running off a batch of deep fried strawberries! Yummy!

9 Responses to “Deep Fried Strawberries (#2)”

  1. Derrel Hightower says:

    You can use pancake mix confectionery sugar as well they’re delicious 

  2. The Warden says:

    if only you could eat digital food YUM!!!

  3. Cx6Productions says:

    those poor poor strawberries :/ XDD i like fried things but man….i dont
    think these suckers would be good deep fried,just my opinion

  4. Jason Smith says:

    And now I want to eat these too. If I buy a deep fat fryer tomorrow it’ll
    be because of this video.

  5. zbra02 says:

    trus me these do not taste very nice

  6. dallama182 says:

    Hmmm, I’m intrigued…

  7. ErkDemon says:

    I used a fairly generic “crepe” batter, thicker than normal to coat better
    and be more crunchy. What’s left over can be diluted with milk to make
    crepes. My general-purpose batter: * Take a 1 litre Pyrex jug * Add one
    pint of milk * Stir in plain flour (vigorously) with a fork until the wet
    mixture reaches the “one and a half pints” mark * Mix in one or two eggs *
    Add a pinch of salt * Cover and leave in the fridge overnight for any
    remaining lumps to dissipate. That’s it!

  8. Silas Robinson says:

    how do you make the batter?

  9. ErkDemon says:

    PS: This batch of batter was slightly too thin: I didn’t use enough extra
    flour wrt the “crepe” mix above. For coating, you always make the mix
    stiffer than you want, and it ends up a bit runnier once it’s sat in the
    fridge overnight. If you’ve overdone the flour you can always dilute with
    milk, but if you’re too runny, it’s difficult to add more flour at the last
    minute without lumpiness. You shouldn’t be able to see the strawberry
    through the batter as you can here.