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Deep Fry a Reese’s

Deep Fry a Reese’s
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The process of deep frying a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

19 Responses to “Deep Fry a Reese’s”

  1. Alex Newman says:

    your heat might be too high.

  2. aby sri says:

    mmm nutricious

  3. Jeff Mayone says:

    Pop em in the freezer prior

  4. BubbytheTourG says:

    there’s no wrong way to eat a reese’s

  5. Enrique Rodriguez says:

    damn your my IDOL!!!! I got the munchies soooo bad and Its 1 AM and after
    watching this I’m gonna leave my house Drive around San Diego and Look for
    a place that sells Reeses at 1AM!!! God Bless YOU

  6. tylertyler82 says:

    u people need to eat more u have no energy you’re just like moping around

  7. sara_cat says:

    put it in the freezer for a few hours before

  8. Samoriah says:

    If you fry anything, it instantly tastes good.

  9. treehamallama says:

    lol everyone goes quiet once you start

  10. develzCRy666 says:

    wtf reese’s are perfect the way they are

  11. MrAnonymous21564 says:

    Only in America.

  12. duymarc says:

    i tried this, with the exact stuff. pancake batter with reeses, fried it.
    taste heka good haha

  13. babybck1123 says:

    @WordOfTheDayguy 7eleven. no big deal. you’re not cool.

  14. funkkysegaboy says:


  15. ballietbran says:


  16. ballietbran says:

    you guys are homos try getting layed for once

  17. X3ishere says:

    that grease looked burned. it wasnt fresh

  18. iMsoSiK says:

    @vft98 I believe it is peanut oil

  19. ometta7 says:

    That actually looked pretty good.