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Deep Frying Chicken Wings with Bayou Classic’s Aluminum Fish Cooker

Deep Frying Chicken Wings with Bayou Classic’s Aluminum Fish Cooker
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Deep Frying Chicken Wings with Bayou Classic's Aluminum Fish Cooker
I love deep fried chicken wings and the Bayou Classic aluminum fish cooker kit males cooking them a snap. One of the great things about deep frying chicken wings is that you can cook them so fast. For 10 to 12 wings it takes just 12 to 15 minutes, and with Bayou Classic's fish cooker, it's done outside and saves a mess in the kitchen.
In our recent blog post Beer Batter Recipe for Rock Cod, we showed how easy it is to deep fry fish with this fish cooker. Well, with the Bayou Classic aluminum fish cooker you can cook a lot more than just fish. This fish cooker kit gives you everything you need to deep fry, boil or steam all your favorite foods.
Like I said, this is a simple and quick recipe for deep fried chicken wings but, boy, are they tasty. So if you've got some friends coming over to watch sports, fire up that Bayou Classic fish cooker kit and deep fry some chicken wings. Oh yea, and don't forget the beer.

18 Responses to “Deep Frying Chicken Wings with Bayou Classic’s Aluminum Fish Cooker”

  1. James Gilstrap says:

    Was it butter or I thought it was butter?

  2. jaybean3 says:

    They look just the way I like ’em!

  3. eyefishification says:

    Just got one of these. How long can you keep the oil and how do you store

  4. TheOutdoorCookStore says:

    You want to filter the oil after every usage. The simplest way to do this
    is with a funnel and a couple of layers of cheese cloth. Use a separate
    container for the filtered oil from unused oil. You can reuse the oil 3 to
    5 times, when it starts to look dark or dirty that’s it, get rid of it.
    Store the oil in a cool place. The garage is great in the winter but may be
    too hot in the summer.

  5. Sven Eltschkner says:


  6. Chipp Marshal says:

    looks like a great cooker. Thanks for the review.

  7. ARCSTREAMS says:

    were those chicken pieces coated or dredged? i think so since the color of
    the oil got darker once done,,what kind of oil canola?

  8. 50hellkat2 says:

    a half bottle of hot sauce. woooohoooo.

  9. JDEZ512 says:

    Looks good! … John Ratzenberger is that you?

  10. paul E says:

    I don’t have the “Bayou Classic” but I have something similar. Looked to me
    to be the perfect medium hot wing , I could hear the crunch of the skin
    indicating perfectly cooked!!. How did you purchase your chicken wings??.
    What I mean is did you go to a poultry supplier ie:Speciality shop? , Or
    did you just hit the grocery store??. I was curious because the poultry
    supplier I know of near me sells them in different categories. How many
    per pound for sizing , kinda like shrimp. The one you grabbed looked big
    for some reason thanks for your time.

  11. dyno mike says:

    aint no thing like a chicken wing

  12. Alexis Fraser says:

    Curious what is the safest way to use an exterior deep fryer – I want to
    buy one for our house but my bf is worried I may set the house on fire!
    Suggestions for a safe work environment?

    • meeestir g says:

      +Alexis Fraser first you need to find a new boyfriend who has more faith in
      you. the safest way to use an exterior deep fryer is using it outside away
      from dry grass or your house. if you are seriously worried have a fire
      extinguisher rated for oil and grease fires near by. DO NOT LET WATER GET

  13. Aspen Hill says:

    Barking Dog really ruins your info.

    • Rick Clayton says:

      The barking dog adds to the authenticity of the Southern pride at work
      here. I found the dog in the background added to this man’s credibility

  14. Josh Morrison says:

    Im hungry now

  15. gccrewser says:

    why didn’t he say what type ‘cooking oil’ he used? Peanut oil, wesson oil,
    That would had been useful info. Thank u.

  16. Marc R says:

    Yeah. Thanks for showing how you lit and adjusted that burner, like you