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Deep Frying Crickets

Deep Frying Crickets
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Redneck Delicasy!

Deep Frying Crickets

Redneck Delicasy!

20 Responses to “Deep Frying Crickets”

  1. mikji says:


  2. inqinq says:

    We had that in Taiwan, but we don’t use batter and we stuff them with sweet

  3. L00peey says:

    “we gone frie us a cricket” trust rednecks to start deep frying animals and
    insects. freaks.

  4. billy bass fish says:

    errrrr theres deep fried fish, burgers, sausages etc etc what do you think
    they are all made out of ha ha

  5. L00peey says:

    lol, “ok there crickets might aswell eat em of the ground” hahaha, look at
    how they eat them stupid inbred fucks.

  6. Fleefles says:

    No more freaky than eating a shrimp or a crab.

  7. imwivstuipid says:

    no more freaky than eating shrip or crab? YES IT IS ITS A FUCKING INSECT

  8. RennTaPenn says:

    dam one guy looks like tibalt or tibult or tibalt from romeo and juliet.

  9. seanThree16 says:

    Awesome. So what do they taste like?

  10. knoxklay11 says:

    a tribute to Beavis and Butthead

  11. xMetalHeadx1 says:

    Damn They are Damn Good

  12. EvilxXxNightmare says:

    I’m amazed. I wish I had your guts to eat that. =3

  13. Magaman8910 says:

    oh god all we need is more red necks on youtube

  14. Marise Whyte says:

    hell, what madness is this? go to cambodia, don’t make it in your

  15. Al.D says:

    How do they taste?

  16. mastarula says:

    Bear Grylls, Cody Lundin and Les Stroud would have laughed at you guys 😀

  17. ha Natzrymah says:

    They may not be ‘kosher’ but they’re definitely CLEAN FOOD according to
    scripture. How do you kill em before you cook em?

  18. Phillip McCutchen says:

    Ah the things 16 year olds do out of boredom….Haven’t eaten any since.
    Hard to believe this was 7 years ago.

  19. majestic waluigi says:

    rednecks can’t spell “delicacy”

  20. Torstein Vest says:

    you guys are fairly attractive.

    no homo tho