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Easter,Deep Fried Hard Boiled Eggs,Battered

Easter,Deep Fried Hard Boiled Eggs,Battered
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The hippie done already cooked up some sliced, battered, deep fried hard boiled eggs,and they are down right good ! Use up them Easter eggs,Good enuff for the State Fair.Cook something good,quick&easy.The duck tape girl ate them all,none left for a fireside chat. Very good with sour cream at lunch. Better with gravy and bacon or sausage at breakfast.Try them at your next Tea Party. Leave a comment.

22 Responses to “Easter,Deep Fried Hard Boiled Eggs,Battered”

  1. Edwin Guzman says:

    God bless you old timer.

  2. Michael Nolan says:

    lol type something in there you’re sitting there watching this I thought
    that was funny

  3. Renae Limburg says:

    will try for sure and eating them with honey sounds delightful. mmmm!

  4. Julius Jakubonis says:

    Thats something new… Will surely try it.

  5. MrMrkottonmouthking4 says:

    im gunna do this lol looks good

  6. Donald King says:

    looks delicious !

  7. Robert Barajas (626Godfather) says:

    You sir, are an inspiration. They look very delicious. I will definitely
    try these and many of your other recipes.

    Just as a side thought. Is there a way to make then with some sausage
    inside also.? Would make it a bit-sized breakfast, since you already have
    the egg and pancake batter..

  8. Alex Gleason says:

    A big farmer thank you from Kansas

  9. Crystal Grose says:


  10. Raggy Ragsdale says:

    New one to me…. but you can bet I am gonna try this!!!!! Uncle Raggy 

  11. Carroll Davis says:

    I’m from South Carolina and never seen anyone do this before.I’m getting
    ready to try this now and will pass the recipe around.Thanks…i’m going to
    keep watching.

  12. Sam Francis says:

    F’n eh! F’n Eh

  13. Chickadee D says:

    That looks delicious. My husband is from Arkansas and I’m from Missouri and
    I’ve never heard of these. I just cooked 18 eggs but we’ve already eaten
    them, dadgumit. Will just have to boil some more, that is after my husband
    digestive track quits exploding green fumes, lol. Gotta give my nose a
    break. Hope this method won’t do like plain boiled eggs. That’s funny, get
    r done.

  14. Alex Gleason says:

    It’s a great idea, thank you for postin’ this, I appreciate it

  15. Dennis Ed says:

    uhhh. ummm.uhhh.umm.uhhh uhhhh ummmm uhhhh uhhh uh umm uhh um uhhh uhh uhhh

  16. Samual Iam says:

    Yup, i’m trying this.

  17. Elijah Jaham says:

    I gotta try that out some time. thanks for the video.

  18. Sgt Splice says:

    YUMMMM. I’m thinking corn meal batter, onion powder and a drip of hot
    sauce! I would have never though of this. Thanks buddy.

  19. Eponymousjoe Qurious says:

    From the southern coast of Victoria Australia to the East Coast of
    Arkansas,hello to ShopDogSam you are wonderful. Thank you for sharing. The
    wife and I watched your video for Blueberry bread pudding and went out to
    the store to get us some supplies. You rekindled my interest in cooking,
    Thank you Sam…

    • shopdogsam says:

      ,,, bread pudding,, you are going to need to lay in some chocolate peanut
      butter eggs,,, recipe and video coming up soon,,,