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Fried Anchovies and Ube Cakes? Put It In My Mouth | Hilah Cooking

Fried Anchovies and Ube Cakes?  Put It In My Mouth | Hilah Cooking
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Snacks from Palawan! Try fried anchovies, cashew tarts, ube pancakes and some things I had never heard of before! Thanks to Erik for sending this great box of snacks for me to try.

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34 Responses to “Fried Anchovies and Ube Cakes? Put It In My Mouth | Hilah Cooking”

  1. We Are The Strange says:

    Oh man!! This makes me miss the Philippines so much! <3 I miss eating all
    of those. The "Ube" pancake is purple yam, a super popular flavor for just
    about anything in the Philippines :)

    • John says:

      +Hilah Cooking, I don’t know about L. A. but there is a substantial
      Filipino community in Orange county with lots of markets and restaurants
      with Filipino foods.

    • We Are The Strange says:

      That would be amazing if you could!! If you can’t though, you can always
      just get a jar of Ube from the Asian store, and mix it in pancake batter 🙂
      My Aunt does it that way.

    • Hilah Cooking says:

      +We Are The Strange I wonder if I can find it fresh here!

  2. Jerry Lynch says:

    Palawan is in The Philippines and is pronounced Puh LAW un.

    Ube is a purple yam (sweet potato to many people) Taro is a root plant
    with giant leaves and they grow wild all over The Philippines. The roots
    resemble those of cassava from which tapioca is made. Cassava is both
    farmed and also harvested from wild. I’m looking out over hundreds of wild
    cassava plants as I type, also taro plants. The reason your cashew nougat
    is so sweet is because Filipinos over sweeten everything, including
    spaghetti, to which they also had hot dogs

  3. Lauren Brady says:

    Omg does anyone else think she looks like Lisa kudrow (phoebe from friends)

  4. The Wiium Family says:

    ,,thank you for your giant package” hahaha

  5. Pickeledcoconut says:

    Yes, thank you Eric for your giant package ?

  6. blameitonablackstar says:

    Ube is Okinawan sweet potato 😀 That’s what makes it purple!

    • blameitonablackstar says:

      +Hilah Cooking Yes, the flesh of both is purple. The Okinawan sweet potato
      has kind of a tan skin, but once you peel the skin the potato is purple!
      The ube has a rougher looking skin its kind of multi colored. But yes I
      agree Hilah, its really fun learning about all of the different foods from
      all around the world ?❤?

    • Hilah Cooking says:

      +blameitonablackstar Aha! But they are both purple? It’s fascinating how
      many foods there are in the world. I love learning from all of y’all.

    • Hilah Cooking says:

      +John Joseph Lim Thank you! This is so fun to learn about new places
      through food and all of y’al’s comments 🙂

    • blameitonablackstar says:

      +John Joseph Lim I know you were talking to hilah, but it seemed like you
      were correcting what I wrote, since you put it under my post and not in
      it’s own comment which was why I was clarifying my statement ☺ But its all
      g I love learning about everyone’s culture!

    • John Joseph Lim says:

      +blameitonablackstar hahaha i was adressing the statement to hilah. hahaha
      good day, sir. ?

  7. Aldrich_BL says:

    You pronounced Piaya right. :)

  8. Tina Fisher says:

    I love that shawl/blankie

    • Erik Garrett says:

      +Tina Fisher, If you like that kind of stuff I’d highly recommend going to
      Bali or Northern Philippines. Both have a plethora of weavers with great

  9. Ariyele Ressler says:

    this is so fun. love the new place!

  10. Michael King says:

    cool. Glad 2 see that you are feeling better….;)

  11. Dale “DRC777” C says:


  12. Crumbs Food says:

    Another US/UK pronunciation difference. We say noo-gar!! Not noo-git. That
    is almost a rude word over here!

  13. Stas Pavlov says:

    When you scream into the mic (in the intro) it kinda sounds like a wasp
    trapped in a styrofoam cup ?.

  14. Josette Salcedo-Frial says:

    Hi piayaya (purple flat bread with sesame) is one of my favorite growing up
    especially the original (filled with muscovado sugar). Im from iloilo and
    when we visited our relatives in Negros (piayaya originated in Negros) we
    always have to make sure we bring these yummy piayaya home. I also love
    cashew tarts.

  15. Mary Buck says:

    Well I didn’t even know where Palawan was, never heard of it, so you’re
    doing better than I am, Hilah! Yes. Im embarrassed.

    • Gille87 says:

      well most people wouldn’t know if they haven’t been to the Philippines.
      Palawan is pronounced a bit different tho hehe. As a Filipino I only like
      ube. Ube ice cream, ube bubble tea etc.

  16. SmokeyGoodness says:

    What? No Kendi mints? heh heh. They’re one of my PI addictions.

  17. tamarra7 says:

    I saw a lot of Ube in the Philippines. it is quite yummy

  18. Dyan Florence Berrir (ItsmeFlorence) says:

    it’s crocodile not a dragon haha

  19. Eileen LeValley says:

    Why did you move?

  20. Celso Monserrat says:

    It’s not a dragon… it’s “Lolong” the crocodile from palawan hahaha