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The best fried oysters ever.Free printable recipe and instructions can be found at: Once you make these fried oysters you will never want them any other way. These oysters fried this way are delicious and will melt in your mouth. They are great with some tartar sauce, lemon, hot sauce.


The best fried oysters ever.Free printable recipe and instructions can be found at: Once you make these fried oysters you will never want them any other way. These oysters fried this way are delicious and will melt in your mouth. They are great with some tartar sauce, lemon, hot sauce.

45 Responses to “FRIED OYSTERS”

  1. Casey says:

    O. maybe you can make a video of making your seafood sauce, would like to
    see how it compares to store bought, I’ve tried a lot of name brands and
    store brands, Texas Pete is a good brand along with Heinz, Lot of the
    gourmet brands seem a little sweet to me, maybe jus me, like more of an
    spice to seafood sauce than sweetness… Casey

    • thebigeasychef says:

      Hi Casey, Funny you should ask, I do have a video for the tarter sauce,
      check it out on my website, You can find it in the
      recipe vault, it is for free no password, email address required, so check
      it out The BEC

  2. ALLAH [SWT] IS MY LORD says:

    will the supermarket take it out of the shell for me?

    • thebigeasychef says:

      +I TESTIFY THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH Hi, most of the time the store has
      them all ready shucked, and sell them in jars, you may want to check or see
      if they will shuck them for you. Thanks for your question and good luck.
      The BEC

  3. Tom's Corner says:

    I like mine first coated in cracker crumbs for a light coating then dipped
    in egg with milk and back into the cracker crumb. How sweet it is!

    • thebigeasychef says:

      Hi Thomas, yes cracker crumbs also make great fried oysters, thanks for
      your comment and for watching. The BEC

  4. Texas Style Cuisine says:

    good oyster video sure did enjoy it. thanks for posting it. Subbed your

  5. Tarrence Grigsby says:

    Used no seasoning in the breading, fail.

  6. 6771Randy says:

    BEChef, I love your website and your “Recipe Vault” is an absolute
    GOLDMINE! You have a new subscriber. I look forward to any more recipes you

    • thebigeasychef says:

      +6771Randy Hi Randy, thanks for the such a great comment, and I am making
      new videos all the time, I will be posting one very soon. Thanks for
      subscribing, and good luck to you. The BEC

  7. Madam Vonkook says:

    That’s how you make oysters! I grew up down south..I really miss fried
    oysters …(well good fried oysters)I live in NY and have ordered oysters
    from fancy restaurants and every single time they were over cooked
    …somebody needs to come up here and teach these yankees how to fry some
    oysters …lol…Great tutorial/recipe !I love your channel…Thanks so

    • thebigeasychef says:

      +Madam Vonkook Hi Madam Vonkook, thank you for the nice comment, I do
      understand what you are saying about the getting oysters overcooked, I
      think the only way to get good oysters is to cook them yourself. Maybe you
      could tell those yankees to what my video and get a clue. Thanks again, The

  8. Chandler He says:

    look so yummy.but i cant find oyster like this size.just small size

  9. Marion Dudek says:

    Wonderful recipe. I love oysters and want to make them at home. Thank you
    for sharing this!

    • thebigeasychef says:

      +Marion Dudek Hi Marion, Thank you for your comment, and it is pleasure to
      share my recipes with everyone. Let know how the oysters turn out, good
      luck, The BEC

  10. TheNomadicInterceptor says:

    that’s what I’m talking about brother thanks for this video look forward to
    seeing more

    • thebigeasychef says:

      +TheNomadicInterceptor Hi Nomadic interceptor, you are more than welcome,
      thanks for the comment, and be sure to check some of my other videos.
      Thanks again, The BEC

  11. Brenda Fallen says:

    Dude I used your recipe for the oysters OMG they were amazing thanks

    • thebigeasychef says:

      +bob bot Hi Bob, thank you for your comment, and you are right, frying is
      just one way to cook sea food, there is nothing better then a good cioppino
      or some broiled fish, and grilled is great. Check out my Broiled Salmon
      with a creamy dill sauce I have a lot of
      seafood recipes and not all of them are fried, it just takes time to get
      them all shot and edited so keep watching for those future videos, thanks
      again. The BEC

    • thebigeasychef says:

      +Brenda Fallen Hi Brenda, I am glad that you liked the oysters that way,
      this is my favorite. Thanks for the comment, The BEC

  12. purplehearted 18 says:

    they look like fried hearts lol

    • thebigeasychef says:

      +Avril Galleros Hi Avril, you are right, and it is sort of like laying on
      the ground and looking at clouds and seeing all types of different things.
      One thing is for sure they are tasty. Thanks for your comment, The BEC

  13. edhunley says:

    These look so good. Unfortunately, here in Tennessee the words “fresh” and
    “oysters” just don’t seem to go together. I will have to use oysters from a
    can, but that’s all I can get. I will be doing these for sure.

    • thebigeasychef says:

      HI Edhuntley, I understand your problem with getting fresh oysters, do you
      have a Sam’s Club or Costco near by, as sometimes they have good fresh
      oysters. If you are stuck with canned ones, then this recipe will be great
      for them. Let me know how they turn out, good luck. The BEC

  14. Casey says:

    Ok, thanks… Yes, I figure you may have called it cocktail sauce instead,
    it’s called either here, just depends on the brand of sauce on the store
    shelf or restaurant you at… Where are you at, some reason I think you in
    Canada? Know there’s a couple others in Canada doing cooking videos I
    watch…. your friend, Casey

  15. Casey says:

    Hey BigEasy, actually I was talking about the red seafood sauce or maybe
    what you call cocktail sauce, assume its ketchup based… Ok on the beer
    batter, oysters or some type of fish like catfish nuggets or something
    similar would be good or maybe some onion rings too. Casey

    • thebigeasychef says:

      Hi Casey, Yes you are correct I do call it cocktail sauce, I have a great
      recipe for this sauce and will be making a shrimp cocktail using this sauce
      to make it. Part of the sauce has some ketchup in it. Keep an eye out for
      this recipe. The BEC

  16. william petillo says:

    Excellent job! Your experience is worth a million dollars.You explained
    your oyster process Numbro uno

    • thebigeasychef says:

      +william petillo Hi William, thanks for the comment, and you don’t need to
      send a check. Good luck to you, The BEC

  17. william petillo says:

    Dear BEC,Chef I do not want to become a pest but would you advise me to buy
    the Louisiana canned fresh oyster.? I’ve tried to get the super large
    Oysters in the shell but, they seem to be very seasonal. I purchased fresh
    in the seal pack can and they are always nice and plump (just like me).So
    please tell me a good tip to tell my local fish monger here in Long Island
    Thank you again may GOD BLESS YOU always Bill Petillo-Oyster lover

    • thebigeasychef says:

      +william petillo Hi Bill, thanks for subscribing and I hope you will find
      some of my videos useful to you, I am posting new recipes all of the time.
      Thanks again, The BEC

    • william petillo says:

      Thank you again.I subscribed to your videos.Ill be checking alot on your

    • thebigeasychef says:

      +william petillo Hi Bill, you are not a pest, I don’t mind helping people
      with cooking. You could ask your fish monger, if they could get fresh
      oysters in a jar, these are the best for frying, maybe they could special
      order them for you. I am lucky as I live close enough the coast where there
      are oyster beds, so getting oysters has never been a problem for me. The
      only oysters I have seen in a can were very small, I think they would be
      best for oyster stew, and not frying. You could also ask your fish monger
      why the oysters in the shell are not available all of the time. I think the
      large fresh oysters in hte shell are best barbeuced. I hope this has helped
      somewhat, good luck to you, The BEC

  18. schlaznger says:

    Just use plain old fashion lard. fry oysters while drinking a beer. Home
    made cocktail sauce and enjoy

    • thebigeasychef says:

      +schlaznger Hi Schlaznger, I understand what you are saying, and just food
      for thought, where I live I can get a gallon of canola oil at Costco for
      around 8 dollars, and then it can be filtered and used again, but you are
      correct about how well lard works for frying fish, and other foods, it is
      good for sure. Thanks for you comments, and no disrespect taking. The BEC

    • thebigeasychef says:

      +schlaznger Hi Schlaznger, I have to agree with you, lard does make them
      fry up really good and tasty, however in my older age I am trying to eat a
      little healthier, and as long as the beer is ice cold. Thanks for your
      comment. The BEC

    • schlaznger says:

      ok you got me sir. I meant no disrespect but Lard is a light flavored
      grease that works well with all types of fish including Oysters. I just
      can see spending 20 bucks for a premium oil that I am going to use once and
      throw away. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

  19. TheWolfePit says:

    Very nice oysters indeed! Great video, I am craving oysters now!