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Honey-Brined Southern Fried Chicken Breasts – Lower Fat Fried Chicken Breast Recipe

Honey-Brined Southern Fried Chicken Breasts – Lower Fat Fried Chicken Breast Recipe
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Learn how to make a Honey-Brined Southern Fried Chicken Breasts Recipe! Visit for the ingredients! Plus, more info and over 500 more original video recipes.I hope you enjoy this Lower Fat Fried Chicken Breast Recipe.

26 Responses to “Honey-Brined Southern Fried Chicken Breasts – Lower Fat Fried Chicken Breast Recipe”

  1. G.S. Kim says:

    1:26 SICKO?

  2. Artie Wagoner says:

    I butterflied my breasts and then stabbed it with a fork a couple of times
    and the breading stuck better and it cooked in less time. Lovely

  3. Jordy Matias says:

    dude my family makes this like every day

  4. CorporalPoon says:

    will urine work?

  5. Donovan Chang says:

    Love making this recipe.. .absolutely pleasing. My sincere compliments to
    the chef. Deeeliciousss!!

  6. Prem Sawlani says:

    can you make chicken masala

  7. Adnan Najeeb says:

    What happens if I leave it in the brine for more than an hour?

    • Adnan Najeeb says:

      +aafcwe mmbheb Alright. Thank you.

    • aafcwe mmbheb says:

      +Adnan Najeeb the longer u brine something the better, u don’t need more
      very long however to brine small chicken breast. most people don’t brine
      for more then 8 hours/overnight.

  8. Randy Zeitman says:


  9. Patrick Reed says:

    That would go really good on a waffle, with some maple syrup.

  10. Alexa M Heying says:


  11. Thomas Tsui says:

    dont you always double fry chicken?

  12. NunyaDammeBiznis says:

    You always have to over season the flour or you will not taste it. You also
    double dip the chicken in the flour. Dip it once, wait a few minutes, then
    dip it again as the flour becomes tacky. Use tongs to turn it. You can turn
    it as many times as you want. I use a deep fryer and don’t turn it at all.

  13. miguel noel says:

    I love it loll, you was black in your past life loll it looks good.

  14. Jaca Flame says:

    this guy is fucking amazing (>★○★)>

  15. andrewt248 says:

    You know what makes mixing salt, sugar, etc. with cold water extremely fast
    and easy? A stick blender. You’re welcome.

  16. Joseph Miles says:

    I’m from Memphis. So I’m pretty southern and I’ve never actually seen
    anyone that’s from here put gravy on any fried chicken recipe. It gets
    soaked into the skin and breading and ruins it. However, I have seen fried
    chicken breasts on waffles, which is delicious. But overall, I would
    actually recommend that you don’t put a sauce or gravy of any kind on fried
    chicken. If it’s well seasoned on the surface of the bird and the breading
    is well seasoned, a sauce should be pretty redundant

  17. Lane Crooks says:

    When you cut in, my mouth watered!!

  18. Jen L says:

    can you just fillet stye it in half??

  19. llamov says:

    If you cut the chicken in smaller pieces before it’s breaded wouldn’t there
    be less possibility of the breading becoming burnt before the interior is
    done? Also, in my opinion, the more breading the better. Just a thought.