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How To Deep Fry Tofu – Video Recipe

How To Deep Fry Tofu – Video Recipe
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I love deep fried tofu in stir frys and noodle soup, however most supermarkets don't stock it. Today I show you how to make it at home with a very simple recipe.

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Firm tofu
Corn flour or starch
Canola or peanut oil
Spring onion and dipping sauce if serving as an appetiser


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26 Responses to “How To Deep Fry Tofu – Video Recipe”

  1. Sir Alfred XI says:

    Can you get Tofu from Coles or Woolworths?

  2. Jesi Earley says:

    Thanks. This is really helpful.

  3. Pow3rGaming says:

    your frying a lobster cartoon made me want to thumbs-down you instantly. ;)

  4. North Sea Brent says:

    This is my favourite way to eat tofu, I finely chop a little green chilli,
    fresh garlic and celery salt and toss the fresh deep fried tofu through
    this mixture.

  5. Theo Casey-Pickering says:

    This guys voice hurts my ears

  6. domdomdidity says:

    This may be stupid and late (2012-2015?) but you freeze the uncooked tofu

  7. domdomdidity says:

    This may be stupid and late (2012-2015?) but you freeze the uncooked tofu

  8. Phili721 says:

    hi, a couple of questions

    1) whats the difference in using corn starch and flour?
    2) i notice other deep fry videos, how come some people use egg after the
    flour and others do not (like you)?


  9. Russell Stern says:

    Can you tell me if putting the tofu in the freezer first helps get rid of
    some of the moisture? I find that when I use even the x-tra firm tofu,
    depending on the brand, it can have a lot of water and be kind of slimy to
    work with. Any tips?

    • Covert White Rabbit says:

      Use extra firm tofu, and wrap it in layers of paper (kitchen) towel and
      place it on the plate. Put a lighter, but sturdy plate on top of it, then
      place two average size cans of soup, veg, beans, etc. on it and leave it
      for an hour. Drain water off the plate, wrap in fresh paper towel, then
      place the plate and cans back on top for one more hour. Pat dry before
      coating with corn starch, and the tofu should be dry enough to fry.
      Alternative: rinse the tofu in hot, salted water and let drain in a
      strainer for about an hour. I’ve had better luck with the first method.
      Good luck in the kitchen!

    • Ted E Bear says:

      No it makes it wetter

  10. Daphna Ariel says:

    Hello Aussie.
    Could you dry season somehow the corn starch with something to bring out
    more flavor. I haven’t tried this but want to end up with Asian flavors.
    Prob Korean or Chinese at the end.

  11. kickthespike says:

    thanks for the vid. it looks yommmm

  12. llgrazes says:

    yum !!!!!!!!!!!!!! tthanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. kerlifan1011 says:

    Will regular flour and vegetable oil work as well?

  14. Jayden Lee says:

    Will flour and vegetable oil work?

  15. Asda sendayan says:

    the reason he puts flour.. bcos, it’ll taste different and the texture also

  16. Asda sendayan says:

    yes you are.. edward.. try it! It taste very very much different.. I cooked
    for my friend b4 and they were all asked me, “wat did i put until they
    taste it so different?”

  17. Asda sendayan says:

    all the same way as i usually did! but my way is a bit different at the
    beginning.. I usually soak it in salt-water. So, the tofu will have taste,
    something like very rich. And then, others are the same…. But sometimes I
    love to roll it with sesame seed after deep fried.. and deep it with spicy
    sweet sauce… It goes well also… 🙂

  18. nel nelv says:

    fried tofu is street food in indonesia

  19. madelle lyn says:

    Love this quick & easy yumyum…????