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How-To Deep Fry Vegetables with Dirt Candy

How-To Deep Fry Vegetables with Dirt Candy
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The words "deep fried" often evoke thoughts of weight gain and clogged arteries. But Amanda Cohen of NYC's Dirt Candy is here to show you otherwise—she shows us some of her favorite recipes for deep-frying veggies and proves that they can be surprisingly healthy. Don't be too worried, though—she also shows us how to deep-fry a candy bar, so not all of the fatty fun of deep-frying is lost.

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39 Responses to “How-To Deep Fry Vegetables with Dirt Candy”

  1. Tun Khaing says:

    im gona deep fries my ice today let see what happens

  2. Mattzin says:

    ♂ Deep Dark Frying ♂

  3. jaynguyenn says:

    She handles all her ingredients extra aggressively.

  4. m nguyen says:

    She even calls it healthy lol.
    Damn hipsters 

  5. ttype231 says:

    Cool video. I learned a lot. Thanks!

  6. Captainbananas7 Awesomehawk19 says:


  7. WeAreNotChefs says:

    Does it work if I use expensive vodka?

  8. evilscotsman88 says:

    I’m from Scotland (big suprise) where deep fried mars bars were
    invented…….. never tried one in my life! lol

  9. Archie Sykes says:

    deep fried mars bars are scottish

  10. Jadduck says:

    A lot of you guys *really* don’t know much about the diversification of
    It’s quite traditional for a number of Asian cultures to deep-fry their
    vegetables (predominately Thai & Indian).

    This isn’t an American thing *at all*.

  11. Dave says:

    She’s cute in a I got two hours of sleep kind of way. 

  12. J Ackerley says:

    Only in America could you sound healthy by deep frying vegetables!

    • jetsgo66 says:

      +Giuliano Machado yes because a thin batter is incredibly unhealthy. Never
      had tempura?

    • Amos Schorr says:

      +J Ackerley Yeah, except she’s right in saying deep frying is healthier
      than sauteeing. When the food is deep fried in oil that’s hot enough, the
      moisture inside the food will be expelled from the food (hence the
      bubbles). Since water and oil don’t mix, the water essentially creates an
      impermeable barrier that prevents the food from absorbing much oil.

      So as long as the oil is at a high enough temperature, and as long as you
      take the food out at the proper time, deep frying really isn’t that bad,
      and really won’t be very greasy at all.

    • Elton Lam says:

      +J Ackerley Except Japan has been deep frying vegetables way earlier. Ever
      had tempura?

    • Giuliano Machado says:

      +jetsgo66 so you separate the fried batter from the broccoli right?

  13. KyleWhoEatsKustard says:

    Deep fried mars bars are a ting

    • Void Lux says:

      +Jadduck GET OF THE INTERNET

    • The River Wolf says:

      noun: satire
      use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize
      people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary
      politics and other topical issues.synonyms:mockery, ridicule, derision,
      scorn, caricature

    • Eik says:

      +Jadduck Pious, moralizing, prick.

  14. sajikun101 says:

    Is that Chloe O’Brian from 24??

  15. mic9check says:

    “Vegetables for a fat kid”

  16. David Moore says:

    I think I might be in love

  17. striker161 says:

    “I recommend not drinking *unless* you’re already drunk”. Hahaha, RIP

  18. KaennC says:

    Why is the munchies fanbase so full of hate..? Such a shame..