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How to make delicious deep Fried Bananas ( Asian Dessert )

How to make delicious deep Fried Bananas ( Asian Dessert )
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READ DESCRIPTION Today my mom is going to show you how to make Fried Bananas. If you enjoyed seeing this please leave a like, rate, comment, subscribe, share, and favorite. Thank You

(Ingredients list in video)
Corrections: 1 cup of Water

26 Responses to “How to make delicious deep Fried Bananas ( Asian Dessert )”

  1. Ravenous Fallen says:

    I usually just cut up a banana, batter with tempura batter, deep fry. It’s
    good with a lightly sweetened honey based dipping sauce… which is just
    warmed honey diluted with rose water.

  2. tiffany saeteurn says:

    Omg! Yumm! I will deff have to try soon. Thanks again for the recipe

  3. Abdur-Rohman Abdulloh says:

    How can I make batter mix at home?

  4. Say Chea says:

    OrKun Nas for sharing num chek chean

  5. Lotus Koi says:

    How long will your fried bananas stay crispy? Most become soggy after
    sitting out for awhile. Please reply. Thank you.

  6. lightkanna says:

    I’m only watching this because I miss my mommy. lol

  7. MYHelen143 says:

    In Puerto Rico we have similar bananas that come in yellow or red and some
    have a pineapple taste to them.

  8. sary sorm says:

    Look very good. I can’t wait to try it myself. 

  9. Min Gurung says:

    The cameraman seems to be sleeping all the time!! He’s not focusing on the
    making of the dish!!! Fire him and get another cameraman!!!!

  10. Lang Fender says:

    Yummy!! Someone was selling them at watt where I live. I need to learn to
    make my own.

  11. MYHelen143 says:

    oh wow Puerto Ricans fried their bananas too

  12. quesnamom says:

    Please speak khmer Thanks 

  13. sreya madan says:

    Mom love your recipe .. Wish you live closed by ;)

  14. Sarah Thiess says:

    I think your mom and my mom got their tbsp from the same place…lol

  15. Andra Bishop says:

    When you show all the ingredients…if you make the slide show a bit
    slower.. very much appreciated. Thanks for sharing

  16. Bao An Trinh says:


  17. Melinda Tang says:

    After I watch her fried banana. I went to my kitchen and make some,my own
    fried banana..taste so good!! 🙂 Thanks…

  18. Christopher Bergner says:

    Looks tasty, and a good idea adding sesame seeds to the recipe.

  19. Kaying Her says:

    I love your mom’s ingredients of making fried bananas, I watch another
    video but it can not bet this one. Love her way of cooking fried bananas.
    Perfect taste! Thumbs up! 

  20. SENG ROLAND says:

    Great thank for your hard works sister.
    Keep up going of sharing your khmer receipt with the others over the Globe.
    Borng srey jat laor mes! Nis jea samay higth technology keu an jeung jes ey
    trov jek rum lek oy neak pseng.Min doj samay pseng slab tov yok tov phorng.

    Well, otherwise, I would like to ask you to kindly to share a num khmer
    receipt ” call num thang moun”=fortune scroll? and I have to thank yu in