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How to Make Fried Apple Pies! Hilah Cooking

How to Make Fried Apple Pies! Hilah Cooking
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Make classic Southern fried apple pies! You can make these with apple or peach filling. Homemade Pie crust video: New cooking videos every Thursday! Subscribe to be notified when I release a new video!
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Fried Apple Pie Ingredients:

Pie Crust for 1-9" pie
Apple filling:
1 large Granny Smith apple
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Peach Filling:
3-4 peaches
1 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
Oil for frying (1/2" deep, about 2 cups)

23 Responses to “How to Make Fried Apple Pies! Hilah Cooking”

  1. Cassy Surrette says:

    You look like Lisa Kudrow

  2. RyseAbove says:


  3. Rob Baker says:

    Hippie girls are sweet and flaky though

  4. Dennis Boyd says:

    She is country as hell. lol

  5. cristina solano says:

    Wow Hilah you sound more Southern in here than nowadays. Cute! 

  6. what everman says:

    My mom make it with cheese and ground beef

  7. Dorian Hunter says:

    I’m making these!

  8. An Cermet says:

    Please someone give her a TV Show.

  9. Sonny Aycoth says:

    mmmmm….mouthgasum with homemade vanilla ice cream on top while hot….

  10. Sara Beltran says:

    They look very good will try, and enjoyed the video.

  11. Ken Alexander says:

    Happy Birdday

  12. Debbie's Back Porch says:

    Really cool video. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

  13. Damian Muriel says:

    “God I’m going to die young” and “Sweet and flaky as a hippie girl” Quotes
    of the day!! Love your channel!! ✊❤❤?

  14. Sharon La Tour says:

    GIRL, Those look hella good!

  15. Amber Abundantly Favoured says:

    Looks AMAZING!!!

  16. Jim Key says:

    I make them pretty much the same. Tracing around a saucer with a knife
    makes them bigger. Also I add a bit of brown sugar, nutmeg and clove.
    Mmmm good. While stationed at NAS Memphis in 1957 these were sold on base
    for .10 cents each! Two a day was my limit.

  17. Alfa M says:

    You need to stop feeling guilty! You look great, you’re young and I am
    sure a long life to live yet! Oh, I also enjoyed your cooking and

    • huriye kantar says:

      +Alfa M I wouldn’t make the “you’re young” excuse. A family friends kid
      (now 16 years old) had a heart attack when she was 5 years old because of
      her eating habits.

  18. Mckenzie Harrington says:

    do crab legs

  19. Bee Medina says:

    How do I make peach empanadas? Same steps and no caramel or caramel? 

  20. Glen Judge says:

    happy birthday Hiah