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How to Make Fried Butter

How to Make Fried Butter
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Try this delicious recipe for deep-fried butter. Your arteries might not thank you, but your taste buds sure will!

Step 1: Mix ingredients
Use the mixer to mix the cream cheese, butter, salt, and pepper.

You want to get a smooth and creamy consistency.

Step 2: Scoop in balls
Form 1-inch balls with the ice cream scoop and arrange them on the baking sheet. Place them in the freezer until they're solid.

Step 3: Remove from freezer
Remove them from the freezer and quickly coat the balls first in flour, then with egg, and finally with the bread crumbs. Place them back in the freezer until they're frozen solid again.

Step 4: Heat fryer
Heat the peanut oil in the deep fryer to 350 degrees. Fry the balls for 10 to 15 seconds, drain them on paper towels and serve.

Step 5: See a doctor
Make an appointment to have your cholesterol checked.

Did You Know?
Because of their high smoke point, the best oils for frying are corn, canola, peanut, grapeseed, safflower, and vegetable.

19 Responses to “How to Make Fried Butter”

  1. mntnrder says:

    Yuck!! The concept is the butter melts out through the thick pancake batter
    leaving yummy doughy bread good god this is a joke right?

  2. Darkenedbyshadows says:

    My heart is stopping just from watchin this video.

  3. Tasdiq Ameem says:

    Yeah it’s super unhealthy, and so are cheese cakes. The video is what the
    title says and it also mentions a health warning. The downvotes are totally
    unaccounted for

  4. §paethon says:

    If this tastes just like State Fair butter…then this is the greatest
    dessert ever! Dont knock it til you try it. Most people are too bigga
    pansies to try it out. But I got one word…MURICA!!!!

  5. J Rudy Morgan Clark says:

    I’ll love to have that fried butter hmmm hmmm so delicious 

  6. spencer shear says:

    This is an awful recipe. This is how you bread fried chicken! My experience
    tells me, to use batter. About the same consistency of cake batter with
    some cinnamon added for that extra sweet flavor. Bread crumbs sound
    awful… please dont try it with bread crumbs.

  7. Katelyn Marsh says:

    This is a suicide food. If you are gonna kill your self do it deliciously. 

  8. Ren Jones says:

    I know most people are stupid or misinformed, but butter is not the cause
    of diabetes. Highly processed foods and high fructose corn syrup (sugar) is
    some of reasons of diabetes. Look up “Sweden diet”. I guess Sweden and
    France didn’t get the “butter is bad for you” memo.

  9. Alonso Decomposter says:

    My God, the next generation of ‘muricans will have obesity and cardiac
    problems when they are 12… weeks in the womb of their mothers, shameful

  10. FIREW0LF says:

    That looks nasty >.<

  11. Mr. Toonster says:

    How to make fried butter
    1. Divide by 0
    2. Jump in the ocean

  12. Shawn Dwares says:


  13. SavvySteak says:


  14. DINDRAGON says:

    America on steroids.

  15. OfficialOpinion says:

    We don’t wonder why. We know damn well why. This is America. We should be
    allowed to eat what we want and suffer the consequences without people
    getting in our faces about it.

  16. Martin M says:

    This is murica is sinking into the ocean

  17. Felicity Hayes says:

    -Sigh- And we wonder why so many people are obese.

  18. Wat says:

    i feel sick watching this