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How to Make Fried Lamb Riblets

How to Make Fried Lamb Riblets
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Make your own riblets. Click here for the recipe:

Meet Bestia’s butcher babe, Alia Zaine, who self-professes, “you’d never guess I’m a butcher!” Alia shows us how to make the most of our rack of lamb leftovers by making an undeniable snack—fried riblets—with a zesty yogurt dipping sauce.

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28 Responses to “How to Make Fried Lamb Riblets”

  1. Munchies says:

    @bestiaDTLA butcher @AliaZaine shows us how to make some delicious deep
    fried lamb riblets. Check out more How-To videos here:

    • cook4me says:

      Awesome. Gave me a great idea. The cat walking around the on the counter
      kind of weirded’ me out but this is Munchies I will get over it. p.s. Any
      way of finding out where she got that bowl from for the final presentation,
      munchies youtube checker person?

    • Todd Barndollar says:

      +cook4me , Good thing you don’t work in a NYC kitchen. The cat would be the
      least of your problems.

    • SENDERLLY says:

      +Todd Barndollar
      LMAO so true

    • MovieTheaterHead says:

      Loved it. She’s awesome.

  2. Mike Hu says:

    You’re allergic to Garlic… and yet you’re dicing it… I like it. you
    live dangerously.

  3. Aleks Ich says:


  4. bik gora says:

    If only she was my wife

    • Aaron Marshall says:

      +KangarooBird121 My experience

    • bik gora says:

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      for a woman like her.

    • mysticfedora says:

      +Aaron Marshall You’re actually an idiot.
      And with the way you talk to women, your relationship probably went south
      for reasons other than a nose ring 🙂

    • mysticfedora says:

      +Aaron Marshall I’m sorry you’re so incredibly bitter

  5. Liam “Hoodini” Hulk Smash Dat Pussy says:

    She looks like Eva Mendes lol

  6. Nelumbo Nucifera says:

    3:18 Cat having a little snack. No coincidence the bowl is covered in the
    next shot.

  7. BAZ00KA J0 says:

    I can’t eat at anyone’s house who let’s their cat walk around on the
    kitchen counter. Those little feet dig around in the litter box.

  8. Hunter Jackson says:

    I didn’t see it mentioned in the comments, but in South Dakota we make the
    exact same thing as that, and we call it Chislic. I am pretty sure it is a
    local thing because I have never seen it on any menus outside of South
    On a side note, I love fried lamb… now I’m hungry

  9. mosshark says:

    You’re too much.. 3:45

  10. Docter Zaius says:

    What a beautiful and talented woman!

  11. Asiansintheworld says:

    Anyone else see the cat?

  12. devbrat bhaduri says:

    very beautiful and elegant woman!!

  13. SpinewireUK says:

    What was that cat noming?

  14. butch davis says:

    skin tone is amazing

  15. Van Velosconi says:

    You eat babies?

  16. Daniel Brown says:

    4:58 knife??

  17. Sequencer says:

    some cucumber in the sauce and you have tzatziki

  18. Francisco Arias says:

    Seriuos wife material right there