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How to Make Steak with Fried Oysters | Hilah Cooking

How to Make Steak with Fried Oysters | Hilah Cooking
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Make Surf and turf steak with fried oysters recipe that incorporates THREE aphrodisiacs and if that doesn't get ya laid, well, perhaps you should look into improving your technique. 😉 New cooking videos every Thursday! Subscribe to be notified when I release a new video! Surf and Turf recipe, printable at

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Hilah Cooking is a short-form, educational web cooking show focused on making cooking FUN! I show you simple, low-cost recipes with a Texas flair. Everything from how to make tortillas, to churros, to how to poach an egg. Basic cooking techniques and delicious home cooking recipes. New videos every Thursday!

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20 Responses to “How to Make Steak with Fried Oysters | Hilah Cooking”

  1. Monkeybread31 says:

    OMG! Hilah you look like Lisa Kudrow!

  2. RuralBreakfast says:

    Love that outfit and hairstyle 🙂 and of course the recipe ;-)

  3. Mike Smith says:

    “ow it got me in the eyeball” 

  4. LorsheSyd says:

    I used to LOVE oysters as a toddler and steak will just get your mouth
    watering!! Oysters and steak…..what an awesome idea!!!

  5. Annie Dykstra says:

    Ahhh Hilah your lipstick <3

  6. Rima Patel says:

    I’ve never had oyster, but is it suppose to be green on the inside?

  7. BerkeleyBuilt says:

    i’m cooking this for my girl.

  8. Steve says:

    1:05 , what’d you call me?

  9. Hilah Cooking says:

    Sounds good! I await my invitation. 🙂

  10. JaiPlaysVidyaGames says:

    I don’t even like oysters but the steak (and the fact that my man thing
    likes seafood) makes it a must try for me. If this works, I will invite you
    to the wedding 😉

  11. jvg7dec says:

    hey i just stumbled on your channel….has anyone told you u look a LOT
    like Phoebe from FRIENDS. 🙂

  12. Ali Shirazee says:

    I love u Hilah! :p

  13. Jeremy Esters says:

    you remind of Phoebe Buffay off of Friends. You blow epic meal time out of
    the water.

  14. Hilah Cooking says:

    I haven’t tried it, but a couple other people said they did that, so yes! I
    think it would work fine.

  15. Anisha Chikarmane says:

    yum! not sure if this question has been asked already, but can you use
    scallops instead of oysters?

  16. simplyalif says:

    Looks Yum, defo gonna try

  17. lottie tomlinson says:


  18. Solarith Van says:

    I got it! You look like Phoebe from FRIENDS! <3 =D

  19. Jonas Rosenven says:

    Could you use Trichloromethane in the dish instead of oysters? I’ve heard
    that it’s a very powerful aphrodisiac and oysters are kinda expensive. You
    could start the meal by asking your date if he/she thought the food smelled
    like chloroform.

  20. muffmuffcupcake says:

    I love the dance in the beginning lol