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Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings (Wingstop style)

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings (Wingstop style)
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My girlfriend and I love Wingstop's lemon pepper wings, but the nearest good one is an hour and a half away. So we learned how to make them ourselves!!! These are the real deal deep fried wings, not those sissy baked ones! We also made the recipe so the ingredients are lower in sodium than the real place, but it tastes just as good!
UPDATE! We tried a new lemon pepper seasoning and it tasted different. So I am saying to try to find the one that you like the most. The one we used is from the 99cent store. It tasted the best and you can't argue with your taste buds. The deep fryer in this video is by DeLonghi.

35 Responses to “Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings (Wingstop style)”

  1. OVERDOSEmuzikBEATS says:

    THUMBS UP if RICK ROSS brought you here !!!!´╗┐

  2. Savior Self says:

    Coconut oil is so much better´╗┐

  3. William George says:

    How long or how hot to get them extra crunchy?´╗┐

    • kirtan cannan says:

      14-15 for regular AT LEAST 18 minutes for well done/extra crispy. Times
      will obviously vary for different friers and oils etc

  4. Wes Black says:

    I always make sure my winggs are well done´╗┐

  5. Leolyon00 says:

    Gone try and make these with my air fryer , should be healthy than a deep
    fryer anyway ´╗┐

  6. John Taylor says:

    FINALLY!! 30$ for chicken wings those days are over!!!´╗┐

  7. damastashonuff says:

    Not sure what temp Wing Stop does their wings at, but I know for a fact
    they cook them 14 minutes. I always fry mine for 15 just in case. I also
    skip the oil part after they come out. I just dump ALOT of lemon pepper in
    a ziplock bag, drop the fried chicken in and shake it. I do the same with
    cajun seasoning, garlic pepper, sweet baby rays hot wing sauce, etc. You
    can do multiple types of wings without having to screw around with multiple

  8. joshua lau says:

    can u use another vegetable oil instead canola is unhealthy af´╗┐

    • MZ2HOOD07 says:

      +joshua lau she used extra virgin olive oil. that’s very healthy

    • MZ2HOOD07 says:

      +Cool C Yeah you definitely dont want to fry with Olive oil. You’re right.
      You can with peanut oil though

  9. Kaiden Lei says:

    So you need exactly olive oil in order for it to stick? or any kind of oil?´╗┐

    • Matt Butler says:

      +Kaiden Lei I’m thinking olive oil is used because it has flavor and is
      also pretty healthy (relatively speaking). I’m not sure I would want to fry
      in a Vegetable type oil and then dump more of that oil on top. Also, if you
      aren’t a health nut, I usually use melted butter (not margarine or spread)
      for my wings.

    • Kaiden Lei says:

      +Matt Butler Okay thank you!!

    • roll up (da Aplus) says:

      +Kaiden Lei you post to season the chicken right

  10. Huadong Feng says:

    I just sprinkle the lemon pepper on the chicken wings, the additional olive
    oil soften the crispy skin.´╗┐

  11. cedric andrews says:

    I use Olive oil and I’m going to make some tonight´╗┐

  12. lydell hill says:

    Thank You, you were the only one who went into full details and gave
    measurements. Great Job´╗┐

  13. J.R. Araquel says:

    I like your deep fryer what fryer is it?´╗┐

  14. Junior Aguilar says:

    OMG!!! Definitely better than wing stop!!!!´╗┐

  15. Isiah Daley says:

    That chicken needs to be cooked more´╗┐

  16. Ulises Andrade says:

    I’m going to try this on my brothers carnitas cazo ?
    Thanks for the video ??´╗┐

  17. rifdaddy7676 says:

    nice post.´╗┐

  18. khad bub says:


  19. AT_IT_AGAIN12 BBQ says:

    Nice and simple good video´╗┐

  20. SparklingOwls says:

    Undercooked wings and very little seasoning ??´╗┐